What is your personal sleep recipe

How do you sleep well? 11 valuable tips!

Several million Germans suffer from insomnia. But how do you sleep well? We have put together eleven valuable tips.

Some are burdened by their job, others are plagued by back pain, others just can't calm down. There are many reasons why people have difficulty sleeping.
But you can also do a lot about it and find your own personal sleep recipe with clever tricks.

"As you make your bed, so you lie"

A German proverb says it very clearly: “As you make your bed, that's how you lie!” That is why there is the first starting point, for many even the most important. Because if you lie well, you will also sleep well.

Everyone has to find out for themselves on which surface they can get the best sleep. For some, it is a high-quality mattress that is appropriate for their own weight and body. Some prefer to lie on the hardest part because it goes towards their backs, others could never sleep on a hard mattress.

Our tip:
Try one Futon mattress with a special feeling of lying down or also Natural mattresses for a high level of comfort. More and more people in Central Europe are appreciating this natural form of sleep. It can help you bed better, lie better, and sleep better.


10 more tips: this is how you sleep better

There is also a whole range of expert tips to help you sleep better.

The sleeping atmosphere in the bedroom

A suitable sleeping atmosphere is part of the bedroom. Above all, this means that the room is darkened, there are no disturbing noises and that good, fresh air is provided. In addition, the laptop that you are still working with, any work documents or the television that you are still watching a crime thriller have no place there. So anything that has to be awake doesn't belong in bed. The only exception: sex, which can even promote sleep.

The right room temperature

You should also pay attention to the temperature in the bedroom so that you can sleep well. Experts recommend 16 to 18 degrees room temperature. If you freeze, you can also ensure a warmer, comfortable temperature for yourself. Too hot and sweating in bed is nothing.

Only small meals in the evening

If you hit the plate properly in the evening, digestion and the body are pretty busy. After 7:00 p.m. it is best not to eat anything or not to eat much. Raw food goes very badly in the evening, regardless of whether it is fruit, vegetables or salad! Going to bed with a full stomach, that's nothing!

No caffeinated drinks in the evening

You should avoid all drinks that stimulate you in the evening. This applies to coffee and cola as well as to energy drinks, black tea, green tea or matcha. It is best not to use the caffeinated drinks in the afternoon. Attention, some herbal tea mixtures also have a stimulating effect, e.g. through mate tea.

Hot milk with honey

Some swear by it, experts recommend it: A cup of hot milk with honey can work wonders - even to help you fall asleep. Melissa tea also has a calming effect. Try it out!

A hot bath

Hot again: a nice, hot bath before going to bed relaxes the body and also the mind. You can also listen to nice, relaxing music. So you can find peace and quiet and fall into bed a little more tired.

Try other relaxation methods

There are also a number of other proven relaxation methods. These include above all yoga, progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training.

Aromatic oils soothe

Aromatic oils can also have a calming effect. For example, try lavender, vanilla or cinnamon - according to your taste. You can either use a few drops in an aroma warmer or drip one or two drops onto the pillow.

Maintain your own sleep rhythm

The body needs a certain rhythm. Going to sleep at a certain time every day and waking up at a certain time the next morning also helps to sleep better. Of course, it is important that you get enough sleep so that the body can recover.

Pay attention to the movement

Also very important: sufficient exercise, ideally in the early evening. A nice walk helps to switch off or to think. With this you can get rid of a few thoughts that would otherwise occupy you in bed. In addition, exercise is good for the body anyway - this also applies to light exercise every day.

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