How do I proceed for children

Good conditions for the night

Strengthen independence and security during the day, also for the night

Children who are supported in their own activity during the day and who experience closeness and protection when they are looking for it are more likely to gain the necessary self-confidence that also makes them “strong” for the night. Small children in particular still have a strong need for closeness and, in their independent ventures, always need confirmation that they can feel safe and secure. A child who experiences during the day that they can rely on the closeness and protection of their parents and at the same time - without pressure - are encouraged and encouraged to discover new things, gradually develops a feeling of independence and gains self-confidence. If you help your child to try himself out during the day and offer him the closeness he needs to do this, this together forms a good basis for nightly sleep as well. Because both are important prerequisites for ensuring that a child does not feel abandoned as quickly, even at night, and learns to fall asleep again on its own. Of course, children who are very independent during the day can also be particularly affectionate in the evening and at night. Be patient. Before going to bed, show your child once again very intensively that they can feel loved and secure.