Sergio Ramos was worn by Cristiano Ronaldo

World Cup top game Portugal-Spain : Ramos versus Ronaldo: kicks versus acrobat

Finally being the good guy again. Nice feeling, Sergio Ramos would have thought. Late on Wednesday, the captain of the Spanish national soccer team sent a few lines out into the world via Twitter: “We represent the Spanish coat of arms, the colors, the fans, the country. The responsibility and the obligation are with you and for you. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, together. Vamos España! "

Responsibility and obligation are not exactly terms that were recently associated with Sergio Ramos. With the man who played good old football in the final of the Champions League and has since been hated like no other by the keepers of the grail of the noble game. That was three weeks ago and has not been forgotten for a long time. So Sergio Ramos is quite right that his team is currently in a minor crisis and that he can face them as a good Spaniard with a sense of responsibility and obligation.

Strange things happened

The colleagues applauded. Not only from Spain, but presumably also one from Portugal, a certain Cristiano Ronaldo, who like Sergio Ramos is under contract with Real Madrid.

Ramos is probably the best defender in the world and Ronaldo is possibly the best striker. In everyday life they are colleagues at Real Madrid and opponents this Friday. In the most exciting preliminary round game of the World Cup, Spain will meet neighboring Portugal in Sochi in the “clasico iberico”. The 2010 world champion challenges the 2016 European champion, and Sergio Ramos is allowed to slide his tackles against Cristiano Ronaldo.

Strange things happened in Krasnodar in southern Russia, where the Spaniards have moved into their World Cup quarters. It all started at home. Real Madrid, the biggest, most successful and craziest club in the world, announced on Tuesday that Julen Lopetegui will soon take care of their side.

The job in Madrid is one of the most coveted in the world and Lopetegui has accepted it despite the fact that he is preparing the Spanish national team for the World Cup. That, in turn, offended the presidium of the Spanish Football Association so badly that it made its coach an ex-coach the very next day. There has never been anything like it at a World Cup, and then with a team that is one of the big favorites for the title.

"You never wore shorts!"

Sergio Ramos has stood behind his dishonorable dismissed coach, sent his Twitter message to the world and urged the association boss to reverse the decision. It is said to have become very loud. Ramos is like that. He is not interested in possible personal consequences and has never ducked before authorities.

When a few years ago the Portuguese top slacker José Mourinho wanted to change the hierarchy in the dressing room at Real in his favor and threw the club icon Iker Casillas out of the team, Ramos called out to him: “Sorry, mister, but you never have Worn shorts! ”That means: You have never played as a professional! Mourinho left Real disgruntled.

And now? Sergio Ramos is the captain not only of Spain but also of Real Madrid. Lopetegui, who has just been dismissed so spectacularly, was his supervisor in the national team and he will also be at Real Madrid in the future. One can assume that the club informed him before this decision.

Ramos is someone whose opinion the club management values. The popular and widely tattooed defender has contributed significantly to the grounding of the club, which once carried the nickname "Los Galacticos" with it. The at the same time virtuoso and rock-hard central defender would, if necessary, decapitate a piano with perfect beauty from the penalty area. In addition, he can open the game with a brilliant overview and ball handling and score goals, important goals. He helped decide two Champions League finals in this way and scored twice in a semi-final at Bayern Munich. Sergio Ramos is a perfect football player.

Later he also rammed the goalkeeper

That was a little forgotten recently after the Champions League final. In Kiev against Liverpool, Sergio Ramos led his team Real Madrid to their third win in a row, others say: kicked and boxed.

Ramos first injured Liverpool's Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah so badly that he could no longer participate after 20 minutes. Later he also rammed the goalkeeper Loris Karius with his elbow in the head. Karius then made two very stupid mistakes that led to two very strange Madrid goals. A few days later, he had himself examined by a specialist in the USA and certified as having a concussion, accompanied by an explicit note that this could very well be the cause of his two stupid mistakes.

Ramos reacted as subtly as defenders are in the backward movement: “Salah could have played if he had had an injection for the second half. I've done it a few times. "And:" After the goalkeeper claims he had a concussion after colliding with me, all that's missing is Firmino saying he caught a cold because some of my beads of sweat landed on him. “The Brazilian Roberto Firmino is a striker in Liverpool's service, he was the first to loudly and with gestures called for Ramos to be punished in the Kiev final.

Seldom has a footballer been so unpopular

Seldom has a football player been as unpopular as Sergio Ramos in these days after the Champions League final in Kiev. An Egyptian lawyer announced the day after that he would sue Ramos for $ 1 billion in damages for the severe pain he had inflicted on the Egyptian people.

Nobody talked about Cristiano Ronaldo in this final. He ran across the lawn rather indifferently, he kicked the ball a few times with no prospect of success, and in the end he also had to accept that his team rival Gareth Bale scored the best goal of the evening.

Ronaldo was a little happy for the official protocol and casually dropped the remark that it was a good time at Real Madrid. With the desired effect that suddenly there was a farewell in the room and yet everyone was talking about Ronaldo.

But what was that against the tirades that hit Sergio Ramos?

Ronaldo? Messi? Salah!

The sympathies at this final in Kiev were unilaterally distributed, so almost entirely on Liverpool side. Liverpool stands for good, old, honest football, regardless of the fact that millions are being squandered on the Irish Sea and that nothing works without very rich investors. But firstly, Liverpool has always been more of a myth than reality and, secondly, is trained by Jürgen Klopp, who already stylized the duel with Bayern Munich as a class struggle when he was in Dortmund.

And third, there is Mohamed Salah. A striker from Egypt who played so well in the spring of 2018 that there is finally competition to be seen when it comes to the title of the best football player in the world.

Ronaldo? Messi? Salah!

Liverpool's Egyptians shoot good old football all by themselves in the Champions League final. Everyone is talking about a renaissance of good old football, the nerds are as happy as the marketing strategists, what could be better sold?

The romantic revolution has failed

And then comes Sergio Ramos.

Of course, Real's captain knew who he was dealing with. With a lightweight, wonderfully safe handling of the ball, and if you allow it a few meters without guard, then that's a few meters too much. Ramos takes care of Salah from the first minute. And then there is a fateful encounter.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who used to be a young cheeky badger like Salah, is not that far away from the attack, it occurs in the diffuse midfield, beyond all sources of danger. Ramos is looking for a duel, with skiing one would say: he threads. Not in a goal, but in Salah's arm, the two get caught in each other and stumble, Ramos pushes Salah, he is stronger and the two crash together, with the worse end for the Liverpool player. Salah stays where he is, writhing in pain and clutching his shoulder. Cristiano Ronaldo pats him on the head on the grass, then the game is over for Salah. The romantic revolution has failed.

Legends live longer

Ramos was charged with negligent bodily harm that very night in Kiev. Liverpool's German trainer Jürgen Klopp fired this allegation with his own charm and the remark: "That was something of wrestling!"

The TV pictures don't show that. But legends live longer, especially with a history like that of Sergio Ramos, who has been thrown off the field 24 times in his 13 years at Real. Ramos once kicked the ankle of the Argentine player of the century Lionel Messi with such force as if he wanted to chase him like the ball from the penalty area into the stands.

Ronaldo had a similar experience in Paris two years ago as Salah did in Kiev. That was in the final of the European Championship, Portugal versus France, the greatest game in the career of the ardent patriot Ronaldo, born on the island of Madeira, which is rich in great games. It was only a few minutes before he got the ball in no man's land. He pulls it back with his sole, as the French Dimitri Payet rushes up from behind. He hits the ball with his left foot, but with his right knee he hits Ronaldo's left, and that with full force.

Ronaldo screams, the world stays calm

A deliberate attack on health, far more disgusting than Ramos' foul on Salah. Ronaldo screams, but the world remains calm. No angry internet mob wishing Payet the heck. No lawyer to sue him for symbolic compensation for pain and suffering. Against the vain Fatzke Cristiano Ronaldo, brutality is apparently a legal stylistic device.

Ramos and Ronaldo have been playing together for Real for nine years, Ramos is a year younger and yet clearly the boss. The Portuguese has a keen sense of who to mess with and who is better not to mess with. When he flirted with his departure from Madrid after the Champions League final, Ramos immediately folded him. The sports newspaper “Marca”, which is usually well informed, quotes him as follows: “Cristiano, what you did was not okay. The time was not right. You have to take a step back and we will help you. We stand by you, but you have to help too! "

Ronaldo is the captain of the Portuguese national team, but it has never been an issue that he would do the same job in Madrid. Why also? Would the handsome man from Madeira ever stand up for his team like the struggling esthete from Andalusia always does for Real Madrid?

"Make no hope!"

Cristiano Ronaldo will be very happy that Ramos is a colleague and not an opponent in everyday life. There is a small and neglected story about the two of them. It is about what a nice parallel to the drama of Kiev, about an alleged, in this case even imaginary, concussion.

In May 2017, Real Madrid will play in the semi-finals of the Champions League against the city-internal competition from Atlético. Ronaldo goes down after a duel with Atlético's captain. Gabi is charged with a yellow card, any foul can lead to a dismissal. The television camera glares at Ramos as he raises his elbow, shakes his head and grimaces. He calls out something to Ronaldo, which lip readers later translate as follows: “Pretend he hit you in the face, then he's out!” Ronaldo doesn't respond.

Once the two played against each other at a world championship. That was eight years ago in Cape Town, and before the game, Ramos sent his esteemed colleague Ronaldo an SMS: "Don't hope!"

Spain won 1-0, Ronaldo never got past Ramos. Resubmission will take place on Friday evening in Sochi.

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