What colors go with yellow

Combine yellow

Yellow represents the light of the sun, energy, optimism, serenity and a clear mind. The color looks present, young and fresh. A yellow outfit shine friendliness and enjoyment of life out. We subconsciously transfer these properties to people who wear this color.

Many women think that yellow doesn't suit them. Everyone can wear the color well. It is important that the yellow tone matches your color or skin type - especially if you wear it near your face.

Cool color types - So people whose skin has a reddish undertone - stand above all Yellows with a white undertonethat go green or bluish. Bright yellows like lemon or sulfur yellow are good choices here.

People with a gold or olive skin tone are among the warm color types. For them are Yellows with a red or reddish brown undertone advantageous - for example items of clothing in curry, saffron or mustard yellow.

Yellow fashion

Just dark skin types there are no limits when it comes to yellow tones: you can choose from both cool and warm nuances.

The veins on your forearms reveal which color type you are: If they appear blue or purple in daylight, you have a cool skin tone. The veins of warm color types shimmer greenish through the skin.