Which facial treatment is good for dry skin


The right cosmetics against age wrinkles

Wrinkles, meaning skin folds and especially age wrinkles, are among the most common signs of aging on the skin. The desire to conceal or even remove aesthetically disturbing wrinkles is just as common. Ideally, it will be possible to prevent the formation of wrinkles. For example, with high-quality anti-wrinkle creams, but above all with deeply effective beauty treatments and a range of technology-based facial treatments, for example against frown lines (strong, vertical wrinkles on the forehead), the first wrinkles in the décolleté or against so-called crow's feet outer corners of the eyes (eye wrinkles). Find out here which beauty treatments and which classic facial treatments really help against the signs of aging.

Why and how do wrinkles appear on the skin?

Put simply, wrinkles are a consequence of the aging of the skin or skin tissue. Wrinkle-free skin is smooth because it has good connective tissue and is well supplied with blood. Because with the blood, important nutrients and moisture reach all areas and layers of the skin. Rule of thumb: the more nutrients, the fewer wrinkles. As the skin ages, the stability and elasticity of the skin tissue decreases. Among other things, this leads to the fact that the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) is supplied with less and less nutrients. As a result, the skin becomes thinner, the underlying connective tissue recedes, contracts and wrinkles the epidermis.

So are all wrinkles a sign of age? No. Apart from the classic age wrinkles, there are other natural reasons for the development of wrinkles, such as an insufficient supply of the body with fluid (preferably water) or the conscious breakdown of the body's own fat reserves. In addition, there are “homemade” factors that accelerate the formation of wrinkles, such as lack of sleep or excessive tobacco consumption. Persistent stress can also lead to wrinkles.

Wrinkle facial treatment

If there's one big solution to how best to avoid wrinkles, it's drinking. You know it from cosmetics: Almost all beauty creams and good skin care products contain moisturizing ingredients that work perfectly against wrinkles. Water, drinks, moisturizing lotion - panacea? Not only. Conventional tips for skin that is as wrinkle-free as possible include adequate protection against harmful UV radiation. Others swear by a balanced diet, especially with enough vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids. Healthy food - healthy skin: For some, that's enough in the fight against wrinkles. In terms of beauty and personal wellness feeling, there is even more.

We recommend having a professional skin analysis carried out first. With the innovative Observer technology, we at the FineSkin Institute have the most modern analysis methods for a targeted diagnosis and an optimally coordinated treatment concept. Whatever kind of signs of aging are bothering you: you can rely on our beauty treatments.