Why such big companies support sweatshirts

Printing on sweatshirts and pullovers

Sweatshirt, pullover, pullover, hoodie, hoodie, hoodie, hooded jacket, sweater and fleece jackets for printing, embroidery and flocking

Sweatshirts, pullovers or sweaters are available for men (unisex), women and children (unisex).
After t-shirts and polo shirts, sweaters are our customers' most popular textiles. These garments are particularly popular at the end of the year, sometimes as sweater jackets with half or full zip.
The sweatshirts and pullovers made of the fleece material are even warmer and fluffier, of which the fleece jackets with zippers are very popular.
A hood on the sweater turns it into a hoodie or a hooded sweater, with a zipper into a hooded jacket.

There are different versions and under different names:

  1. sweatshirt (the classic), sweater (the abbreviation of sweatshirt), pullover (from English "to pull over"), sweaters (popular abbreviation for sweaters)
  2. Hooded Pullover, Hoodie (popular abbreviation for hoodie), Hoodie (English name of the hooded sweatshirt)
  3. Sweatshirt jacket with full zip
  4. Hoodies (the hoodie with full zip)
  5. Attached sleeves as a set-in (straight cut, set on the side) and raglan (cut at an angle, set at an angle)

For what use?

Sweatshirts and pullovers can be used for various purposes. Some of them are:

  • Workwear for companies as hard-wearing workwear
  • School clothes for schools and kindergartens
  • Workwear for companies
  • Leisure wear for clubs or youth organizations such as YMCA, DLRG, etc.

Particularly noteworthy are the models Performance and Workwear, which are used for robust use as workwear.

Printing, embroidery or flocking of sweatshirts, pullovers, pullovers, hoodies, hooded sweaters

Sweaters can be embroidered and printed very well. In our textile printing shop, we can screen-print these textiles on almost any smooth and large surface. In embroidery, sweatshirts can be embroidered in almost any position. You can select most stick positions directly for the individual product. If you want us to embroider another position, tell us what you want.

As an advertising message, we print and embroider your school logo, company logo, the logo of your club sponsor or the name of the practice or clinic.

Pullover - sweatshirt - hooded sweater - hoodie with logo printed, flocked and embroidered!

Would you like to have sweatshirts, hoodies, pullovers and hoodies embroidered, flocked and printed for the colder season? You have landed right at the Embroidery & Print Shop Der Feyri, because with us you get exactly the textiles you are looking for and can have them printed, flocked and embroidered with your company logo.

The printed sweaters from our textile shop are perfect as work clothes, school clothes, for the sports club or for advertising purposes. For outdoor activities, we keep functional company sweaters, fleece jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies in stock, which are breathable, keep warm and have a perfect fit. We have pullovers ready for printing, which you can order in different models, for example for men as unisex, for women figure-hugging and for children. A large selection of textile colors and clothing sizes complete our range. The sweaters from the print shop Der Feyri from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg - Fürth - Erlangen are made of 100% cotton, organic cotton, mixed fabrics of cotton and polyester and have a weight starting from 240g for the summer to 32g for the winter. The lightweights are often not roughened on the inside - not fluffy, so that they do not warm up as much in summer. The fabric of our sweaters, hooded sweaters and are naturally breathable due to the cotton, hard-wearing due to the dense knitting and very easy to care for due to washing temperatures of 60 degrees and dryer suitability. They keep their shape even after repeated washing.

Order your company pullover / sweatshirt and hoodie / hoodie with logo from us, print, embroider and have flocking. This is quite simple!

Realize your own ideas from your desk. You can be the designer of your own sweater collection yourself, which we have printed with a logo or advertising motif. You design - we print, using the direct printing screen printing process with skin-friendly screen printing inks. With a sponsor logo or your advertising slogan, the put together pullovers and sweatshirts are a highlight. In our textile shop you can find hoodies for company events with a printed anniversary logo, sweatshirts as work clothing embroidered with the company logo, or pullovers for all club members with the sponsors flocked on them. Simply print a suitable sweater with your advertising for every occasion or occasion. In addition to your company logo or an employee name, you can also have product and event events printed or embroidered. Body-hugging sweaters are less popular with men, but with women's sweaters for a body-hugging fit. If you want to order standard sweaters in the textile shop, you will find some inexpensive sweaters. Several companies have pullovers, sweatshirts and jackets ready to be printed and embroidered for use as work clothing.

Textile brands: Fruit of the Loom - Anvil - AWD - Russell - B&C - Promodoro - Sols - Stedman - HRM

In our textile range we have sweaters from the Russell Workwear brand, sweatshirts from the textile brand Gildan, hoodies from Fruit of the Loom, hoodies from AWD, B&C and many other brands, in textile sizes XS to 5XL, in white, black and many textile colors. Discover the wide variety of textiles, choose the right sweater with the right advertising as embroidery and printing. We, the textile printing company Der Feyri, always guarantee you a low price and good quality!

Hoodies - pullovers - sweatshirts - sweaters - can be printed online

The easiest way to order sweaters online for printing. Easily design your sweater, sweatshirt, hoodie and hoodie collection from your desk:

  1. You choose the online textile
  2. select the print finishing printing and / or embroidery
  3. and your logo or print motif
  4. we check the print data / embroidery data
  5. You will receive a proof, which you will approve for printing after careful examination
  6. We print or embroider your company logo on the sweaters
  7. Punctual dispatch of the online embroidered, flocked or printed sweatshirts.

Have your sweaters printed at the Der Feyri print shop - a surefire success!

Have sweaters or sweatshirts printed for advertising purposes

Would you like to have sweaters printed for your company or school? At the textile printing company Der Feyri you can easily and cheaply cost printed company sweaters. Through our textile shop, you get a complete overview of costs in your shopping cart, including printing prices and embroidery prices for embroidering sweatshirts and hoodies. Send us your logo without obligation and we will check whether we can print it on pullovers and sweatshirts using textile printing. Of course, we can also check whether it is possible to flock sweaters. You can calculate the flock price. If you agree with the costs, you can order the pullovers and sweatshirts, add the printing and embroidery as a promotional item and we'll get started so that you will soon have your new textile collection in your hands. Before production, we create a digital proof, which you have to approve before printing. This means that both sides know how the sweaters will be screen-printed later. Security on both sides - without misunderstandings!

In the categories sweaters for printing you will find a selection of all types of textiles: Men's sweaters - hoodies - women sweaters - unisex sweaters - children sweaters - sweaters - hoodies - sweatshirt jackets - work sweaters

Have pullovers, hoodies and sweatshirts printed

You can have pullovers, hoodies and sweatshirts printed very cheaply. For the team, your company or your comrades, for every occasion you will find the right company sweater, which you can have your company logo or a slogan printed or flocked. You can choose from a large selection of sweaters, these you design exactly to suit you and your company and thus become a real one-of-a-kind. Take advantage of this trend, which has recently become popular, with normal pullovers, also known as sweatshirts, being the most popular. The hoodies are often ordered by clubs and youth organizations from the Der Feyri print shop in Nuremberg - Fürth - Erlangen, are very comfortable, feel nice and warm and have a large area for a striking print. Hoodies are often also called hoodies and so both, regardless of their name, are very suitable for we have them printed directly with skin-friendly screen printing inks. Send us your ideas or a finished print motif so that we can check the printability and printing costs in direct screen printing. In this way we can influence the subsequent print production well in advance and save you a lot of time. Whether shadows, color gradients, or many different color nuances, all are signs that a print motif is possibly unnecessarily expensive to print. A simplification often brings more, a much clearer print motif, a better recognizability of the advertising message or legibility of the advertising slogan and low printing costs. You can let your creativity run free, we will support you in the implementation so that the printing of your logo will be a complete success.

Pullover - hoodies - sweatshirt jacket - sweaters - with an embroidery embroidered online

Of course we also embroider pullovers or sweatshirts, for this we use embroidery machines with multiple sewing heads. An embroidered sweater with a logo and a sweatshirt with an embroidery motif have an elegant appearance, make a well-groomed impression on customers and represent a company in a professional manner . The recognition effect is preserved in any case.

Have sweaters embroidered or embroidered hoodies as promotional clothing

An embroidery only takes a few minutes, because it depends on the size of the motif and any solid areas that are embroidered very intensively. The embroidery prices are calculated per 1,000 sewing stitches, which are required to embroider an embroidery motif. T-shirts and polo shirts can also be embroidered well. We especially embroider the collar of the polo shirt

Print sweaters as leisure and work clothes using screen printing or transfer printing.

With the help of direct printing, we can print a large motif on the sweatshirts and our pullovers. Company sweaters for promotional items, for a club or a youth organization are often printed with skin-friendly screen printing inks using the direct printing process. With the right Pantone printing inks, we can print your logo and advertising slogan on your sweater. You can not only freely choose the color of the sweaters, but can also be printed according to the colors of your corporate design or your club's colors.

The print shop Der Feyri in Nuremberg prints your sweaters!

Do you have any further questions about embroidering or having textiles printed, such as a company sweater or workwear sweatshirt?

Many questions usually arise during project processing, such as how best to embroider a pullover, embroider a sweatshirt or flock a hoodie. We keep the information about the daily incoming questions from our customers in relation to printing on a sweater in the menus [Print] - [Embroidery] and [Info]. Of course you can send us any questions you may have by email.