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Is there a keywording?


I read a post in a blog that raises the following question for me: Does the word “keywording” exist there and, if so, what does this term mean? He's not in any dictionary.


Dear Mr. F.,

the word Keywording is there. It means Assignment to a keyword, indexing.

The fact that a word is not in a dictionary does not mean that a word does not exist. This "rule" only applies when playing Scrabble. In German, new words are constantly being formed. Not all of these (possible) words can be found in a dictionary.

New words are not only taken from other languages, but are very often formed from existing words according to certain principles. The word Keywording is the noun zu tagged. This verb is in the same way of Catchphrase derived like e.g.

saying goodbye of farewell
glaciate of glacier
wire up of electric wire
crash of bad luck
cause of root cause
muddle up of sausage

Likewise, technical expressions such as:

socialize of society
brassing of Brass
metabolize of metabolism

The word formation principle is described in more detail here.

The verb tagged is therefore a possible and correct word formation. The second question is whether such a word is used more than once or twice. The word tagged seems to be quite common in certain disciplines; so common that it can even be found in the latest editions of spelling dictionaries **.

One canKeywording So do not deny the right to exist for two reasons: The word was formed correctly and it is used. Whether you find this technical term particularly beautiful is a completely different question.

With best regards

Dr. Bopp

** Keywording / keywording in spelling dictionaries:


keyword (assign a keyword)
Duden, German Spelling, 25th Edition, 2009 (the verb was not yet in the 24th edition).

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