Who Owns 20th Century Fox

Disney: Just no Fox in the name

The traditional Hollywood film studio 20th Century Fox is to be called 20th Century Studios in the future. The Disney group as the new owner of the film studio is removing the ingredient Fox from the name, US media reported on Friday. The reason: The film studio should no longer be brought into connection with the ultra-conservative US broadcaster Fox News. This was reported by the industry magazine, among others Variety

In March 2019, Disney had taken over essential parts of the 21st Century Fox Group from media entrepreneur Rupert Murdoch, including the film production company. Murdoch and other shareholders kept Fox News, among others, the preferred news source of US President Donald Trump.

According to the New York Times 20th Century Fox employees would have a new email address since Friday - @ 20thcenturystudios, without the Fox. A Disney spokesman told the New York Times confirms that the Hollywood film studio and the Disney-owned film production company Fox Searchlight will remove the Fox from their names. Disney made no further comment.

Film studio produced classics such as "Alien" and "Die Hard"

20th Century Fox was formed from the merger of Fox Film Corporation and Twentieth Century Pictures in 1935. The film studio produced Hollywood classics such as The sound of music, Alien, Die Hard and Avatar. The 20th Century Fox logo and the fanfare that fade in at the beginning of the Hollywood studio's films are considered to be important trademarks. Unlike the name, the title music should, according to media reports, remain unchanged.