Sexual fetishes become more acceptable

Is fetishism abnormal or normal?

What is still normal during sex and what is pathological: This question is often difficult to answer. Opinions are mostly divided when it comes to fetishism. While some see this as an acceptable enrichment for lovemaking, others see it as perverse.

What is fetishism?

One speaks of fetishism, whether pathological or normal, when the sexual arousal is strongly dependent on certain objects. These are usually items of clothing such as shoes, leather or latex clothing, underwear, suspenders or stockings. However, some fetishists also love military uniforms, furs, gloves or even prosthetic legs.

The preference for diapers is also included here. Often these objects alone are sufficient for the sexual stimulation of the person concerned. When the partner absolutely has to wear certain items of clothing, this is called fetishistic transvestism.

When is fetishism still normal and when is it pathological?

If you only use certain objects now and then to give your love game a special flavor, there is basically nothing wrong with it. According to doctors, the most decisive factor here is the addictive nature, that is, when this kick is sought more and more often and sexual intercourse without the fetish is no longer possible at some point. In this case, the behavior should be called compulsive.

Help should also be sought if those affected torment themselves with strong feelings of guilt or even injure themselves or others due to this sexual tendency.