Have you ever stopped exercising?

Translation of "he has stopped" in english

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he stopped
He's been training again he stoppedto take his antidepressants, this Klonopin.
He was exercising, he stopped taking his anti-anxiety medicine, Klonopin.
He stopped twitching and has probably grown a good 4 cm.
He stopped twitching, and I think he grew an inch and a half.
He stoppedwhen we got divorced which was a shame because I really wanted to fire him.
He quit when we broke up, which was kind of a shame, 'cause I really wanted to fire him.
He stopped to smoke and he already looks very good.
He quit smoking and he looks so much better!
He's depressed he stopped to train.
He stopped to exercise, the muscles recede.
He stops exercising, the muscle atrophies.
He stopped, to breathe.
He stopped to drink and changed his life.
He stopped to be a marine on the day he became a traitor.
He stopped being a marine the day he turned traitor.
He stopped to be it, if he ever was, from the moment he created her.
He stopped being that, if he ever was, The moment he created them.
He stopped to breathe and you panicked ... and you buried him in the woods.
He stopped breathing, and you panicked, and you buried him in the woods.
Yes. And he stopped to listen to.
Hank, he stopped to breathe.
I believe, he stopped to move.
He told me, he stopped.
He stoppedto come over.
He stopped to believe in love
He stopped, to love me.
He stoppedto pay the premium.
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