Why is that relevant


The educational noun relevance stands for “importance” or “importance in a certain context”. Further synonyms are “concern”, “weight” or “significance”.

The antonym to relevance is "irrelevance".

The noun was first found in Spelling Eduden in 1915 and is considered a derivative of the adjective relevant with the replacement of the suffix -ant by -num. It may be based on English relevance.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[ʁeleˈvant͡s]

Usage examples

The bankruptcy of the company is economic for the entire area relevance and will have enormous consequences.

The relevance of the module regarding the successful completion of the course is doubtful.

In both cases, every decision is more dramatic relevance. And it helps in both cases: experience, good organization, clear criteria - and the courage to make decisions at all.
-Gabriele Fischer, Under Important Makers, Brandeins, 03/2012

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