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The best brain trainers in your pocket

Various mini-games train memory, logic, concentration, reaction and even math skills. Over 700 levels in 24 games are available. There are also mindfulness exercises and meditations to maintain the balance between training and relaxation. Eight million users now use the application. The brain games were developed by neuroscientists. If the training was too strenuous for you, you can come down with relaxation exercises.

With the help of researchers from various universities, Lumosity is a brain trainer that is supposed to be a daily challenge. The training sessions and the selection of mini-games are tailored to you and your preferences. After the games it is explained where strengths and weaknesses lie. Used by over 85 million people worldwide, the program offers comprehensive brain training with more than 25 games. The program has already received 100,000 five-star ratings in stores.

Fit Brains Trainer
"A goldfish has a longer attention span than the average American" - reason enough to develop a brain training app, say the makers of Rosetta Stone, who have already achieved great success with their language learning programs. The Fit Brains developed by you trains all six main functions of your brain: memory, concentration, problem solving, thinking speed, language skills and imagination. And Fit Brains also trains self-control.

Peak brain training
With more than forty games in an appealing, colorful design, you can train your brain and track your progress with the help of clearly structured overview modules. In between there are exercises for relaxation. The Scientific Advisory Board who contributed to the Peak Brain Training app includes renowned names such as Bruce E. Wexler of the Yale School of Medicine and Barbara Sahakian, Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge.

Some brain trainers only aim to get better in certain categories and to solve corresponding puzzles faster. Neuronation should also increase performance in untrained fields with playful training units. Here, among other things, the working memory is trained, with which you memorize things or draw logical conclusions. The app developers are also very proud of a study by the Free University of Berlin, which is said to have confirmed the effectiveness of the exercises.

With Duolingo you can learn the basics of a new language quickly and easily. Anyone who is a native German speaker can currently learn English, French and Spanish for free. However, if you already have a lot of experience with the languages, you will not necessarily improve, but you can strengthen your existing knowledge. The app has over three million five-star ratings in stores compared to only 61,000 negative ratings. According to the Wall Street Journal, it is the best free voice app.

Similar to Duolingo, you will practice a new foreign language in writing and orally. However, you can fall back on a larger offer here and learn, for example, Italian, Turkish or Japanese. A paid subscription has to be taken out, which is a disadvantage compared to other apps. The lessons focus on the 150 most important topics in conversation and the 3000 most common words that are essential in various everyday situations.

Rosetta Stone
As a professional language coach, Rosetta Stone is aimed at anyone who wants to master a new language extensively. No vocabulary is learned with translations here - you are introduced to the foreign language like a native speaker with pictures and contexts. Very efficient, but also price-intensive at up to 200 francs. After all, after this fee you have access to teaching modules for 24 different languages ​​from Chinese to French.

Babbel mainly teaches sentences and expressions in a new language that you can use on vacation, for example. On the basis of subject areas, you choose what interests you and train specifically for about 15 minutes a day. A total of 14 languages ​​are available, including Russian, Swedish and Indonesian. A subscription is required. The app is characterized by its particularly user-friendly and easy operation. The short units fit into every schedule.

New languages ​​are explored here in a playful way. Particularly interesting: Lots of videos by native speakers who do not speak according to a textbook, but as normal as they do in everyday life. Many languages ​​are available, including Italian, Russian, and Korean. With the paid membership you can also use the app offline, which is a big advantage over other applications that give up the ghost when there is no WiFi and thus make learning impossible.