What is the full form of BRT


Bag ripper for opening and emptying plastic bags as well as the dosed transfer of the material

Do you have household or packaging waste delivered to your sorting facility, either in whole or in part in sacks?

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to tear open and empty these bags? The material shouldn't be crushed, torn or compressed? Do not mix dry and moist components? However, a metered transfer of the loosened material to the subsequent sorting or processing plant is essential? Then we recommend the models of our tried and testedBag opener series BRT HARTNER BO.

For more than 25 years, customers in the sorting and processing industry have relied on theBag opener of the BRT HARTNER brand. Over 600 of these machines are now on the market. Convince yourself of how effective and inexpensive a reprocessing process can be if it is initiated by the right machine!

The integrated feed hopper of theBag ripper BRT HARTNER BO is loaded with the plastic bags by a wheel loader or gripper. The bunker can even be overfilled. Long retention times due to high volumes are the prerequisite for relieving the staff.

The built-in moving floor conveyor moves the material to the ripping drum, the heart of theBag opener. The separately driven halves of the drum generate the first relative movement. The continuous feeding of the ripping drum by means of a feed hopper achieves the highest opening and emptying rates. The shredding of the material, the tearing of cardboard, the pressing together of tin cans, the creation of unnecessary fines and the mixing of moist and dry material are effectively avoided.

Bag opener tools

The so-called pressure arms are located on the back of the ripping drum. These ensure continuous contact between the drum of theBag ripper and the plastic bags. The distance between the pressure arms and the drum is getting closer and closer downwards. The preset contact pressure can be changed. In the case of compact foreign matter, the pressure arm evades. Passing this dynamic channel is the second relative movement that the material experiences. Both relative movements ensure that the bags are reliably torn open and their contents are emptied and loosened.

The tear fingers on the drum and the tear triangles on the pressure arms are the tools of theBag opener BO. They are designed in such a way that the bags can be opened optimally with their help, while entanglement on the drum is largely avoided. They are made of wear-resistant steel and, if necessary, can be given a special coating. This special design guarantees a three-fold increase in service life compared to the conventional design.

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