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How to: This is how you get started with Instagram Reels

The hype platform TikTok is currently an indispensable part of the media world, the video clips and tools of the platform are more popular than ever. Instagram is now following suit and is offering similar functions for its users with its new feature Reels. With over a billion users worldwide and an average in-app length of time of 32 to 24 minutes (depending on age), Instagram is one of the most influential social media platforms worldwide. With the new function, they offer you as a user another facet of creative implementation of content.

What can Instagram Reels do?

Basically, the new functional area of ​​Instagram is almost exactly the same as that of TikTok. Reels offers you as a user in Germany, Brazil and France with the latest app version the possibility to create videos in the usual story length of 15 seconds, to edit them with different effects and to add music. The biggest difference to the previous story is the ability to edit your video with other tools to create even more interesting and dynamic content. There are almost no limits to you with the new functions. Ultimately, the basic functions of Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Final Cut come together here in a light version and offer you a very large and yet clear scope in your creativity.

Instagram Reels: How to Create a Video

The new functions, which can be found in addition to the story and live areas, include various options for creating content:

You can use the timer so that your recording only starts when you want it to, so that you still have time to prepare something or to step away from the camera. You can choose the duration of the following recording individually. And here is one of the biggest advantages of the new Reels function: With this individual selection time (not only when using the timer) you can put your video together from several parts. This saves the hassle of cutting and can increase the quality of the video enormously. With the Arrange function, you can also ensure that the transitions between the individual parts of your video look exactly as you imagine them.

With Reels, you can listen to the sound you want to put under your video while creating it at normal or slower speed. As in the stories, you can choose from Instagram's large music library, which is supplied with the latest releases by music distributors. This is almost indispensable for the dance and lipsync videos that were previously mainly known from TikTok and now also possible with Instagram Reels.

Last but not least: AR effects. There seem to be an infinite number of effects that were created both by Instagram itself and by users and can now be used by everyone. You can lose a bit of the overview here, but the most popular options are played out relatively clearly. When posting your reels, you can decide whether you want to limit yourself to your own feed or use the new function in the discover area and share your videos with people who have not (yet) followed you. In addition to your gallery and the IGTV area, there is now another area in which your reels are saved. You can of course also use the recorded clips in your story like other videos.

Increase reach through reels

The new feature makes it possible to achieve a high organic reach without taking very elaborately designed and produced content as a basis. This is particularly exciting for companies and brands, but you can also use it as a private user. Through the Discover area, in which only videos from the Reels segment are displayed, you can meet other users whose content you like or vice versa. With this additional attention you can increase your reach enormously. Reels can also be used to create challenge videos: Whether dance clips or lipsync, pranks, fashion or sports content - the more people take part in a challenge, the more attention a trend and your chances of getting from to be seen by other participants increase.

TikTok vs. Reels?

As much as the new Instagram tool and the functionality of TikTok are similar, the functionality of the algorithms behind it are just as different: Instagram mainly shows its users content from accounts that they follow. TikTok, on the other hand, plays the videos on the basis of user behavior; the reach of the posts has to be generated anew every time. On TikTok, every video has the chance to become a viral hit again, regardless of how successful the previous content of the account was or how many followers it had.


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In comparison, Instagram is much more predictable in terms of the expected reach and the respective target group of the post. A contribution geared towards this target group has a higher chance of being successful. Since TikTok has been shaking its knees a bit since the introduction of the reels, the creators have now launched a $ 200 million Creators Fund to support TikToker in building their careers. On the one hand to keep creators on their platform, on the other hand to create incentives for new creators to become active on TikTok. Among other things, this step shows one thing above all: The seemingly infinite potential that both TikTok and Instagram Reels bring with them. Reason enough to take action promptly, build reach and produce innovative content.

He did it before it was cool

Musicians, entrepreneurs and YouTube star Fynn Kliemann clearly see that many of the tools that are now easy to use via the Instagram app relate to procedures that have been proven to work.

Long before the release of the audio and multi-video function, he prepared his videos with an editing program and inserted music. He has thus established inspiration for a new dynamic in the short videos and a higher demand for Instagram stories. 637,000 followers show the success of (among other things) this approach. Similar functions can now also be used with Instagram Reels without external apps and programs.

Everything is easy

If at first glance these new possibilities scare you off rather than motivate you to add new tools to your creativity, the all-clear is the order of the day: Most of the time, the content doesn't have to be particularly well-designed and complex to be appealing. Back to basic! Classic cat videos or funny dance moves have always worked and will probably continue to do so for a while. With Instagram Reels, you only have other options for preparing your content and making it a little bit more interesting.


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