Why is the universe not hollow

Physics compact 8, special issue

Dimensions of physics 6 34 Competency area deepening and repetition RG 8.1 and G 8.1 In this chapter an overview of physics is to be developed from a specific point of view. Additional material is on compact. oebv.at. Philosophical Dimension The Hollow World Theory Is our knowledge of the universe really correct? Don't we really live inside a hollow sphere with the radius of the earth (R = 6370 km; Fig. 34.1)? R r FALSE! CORRECT! The “surface of the earth” forms the inner edge of this sphere. The moon, planets and sun, the whole universe, are within. A1 Write down three arguments with which you think you can refute the hollow world theory! A2 Collects all points of criticism and divides them into groups (e.g. according to the size of objects, according to optical phenomena, ...! 6.1 6.1.1 Fig. 34.1 The hollow world - the true worldview? S2 S2 The laws of the hollow world Objections that the size of Objects concern: 1. The universe does not fit into the earth. 2. The moon is too small for astronauts. 3. The (small) sun cannot heat the earth. But: Our idea of ​​the constancy of length is wrong. This is also not unusual - just think of the length contraction in special relativity theory or the curvature of space in general relativity theory. In hollow world theory, lengths shrink towards the hollow world center. Velocities become smaller. As a formula: L (r) = (r 2 / R 2) · L (earth's surface) r… is the distance from the center of the hollow world R… is the radius of the earth This is related to: Velocities decrease in the direction of the hollow world center 2) v (Er dober £ surface) r… is the distance from the center of the hollow world R… is the radius of the earth 6.1.2 1. Hollow world law 2. Hollow world law Objectives of this chapter 3 Getting to know the epistemological fundamentals of physics 3 Gaining an overview of physics from different perspectives Central elements of this chapter 3 physical method 3 space - time - matter 3 natural constants i5n8a4 dimensions of physics 6 co pete zber ic deepening and repetition For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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