How can I make my PC dustproof?

Dust in the computer

Is the pc very slow? One possible reason could be the increasing density of dust inside a computer, as the fan or other hardware components are literally dirty. Only a complete internal cleaning of the computer will help.

You usually only notice that the dust is accumulating in the computer when it is too late. Because the PC only reports when the system has become too slow and obviously shows this with a z. B. 10 minute browser start.

Consequences of dust in the computer

The entire interior of the PC is covered with brown, lumpy dust or "dirt"

Unfortunately, the dust inside the computer not only makes the PC slow, it can also quickly cause a system crash in the form of a blue screen. This is mainly due to the heat produced during operation, which dust cannot escape. The PC can no longer cool the hardware properly, which can lead to overheating and thus to errors. In the case of years of dust shelter, it can also harm people, as the dirty air is vented out, which in turn is inhaled. After a while, the dust transforms into brown, lumpy dirt. This dirt is difficult to get rid of and the smell in particular tends to nestle in a computer for a long time.

Laptop slow? Dust is often to blame!

Even a handy notebook can quickly get dusty. Cozy work on the couch or in bed becomes fatal in the long run, because the ventilation slots are not exposed and instead textile fibers and dust penetrate into the interior. Particular attention must be paid to volume and warmth here. When the dust density is high, the fan needs more power to cool the device - one reason why the fan gets louder over time. However, if the cooler does not manage to cool the interior, the system can even crash. When something like this happens, it is usually a sign that the computer or laptop does not know how to help itself and therefore pulls the emergency brake, so to speak, before the hardware suffers from the pent-up heat. But the protective system crash is not to be trifled with either: system files or your own data can be damaged or lost.

Lumpy dust in the notebook fan

Computer interior cleaning

If you want to have your computer or laptop cleaned of this dust and dirt, just come straight to us at PC-SPEZIALIST. Many of our customers like to try first to clean the computer themselves and to do this they work with compressed air or various soft brushes. Unfortunately, a lot often goes wrong here, so that the actual PC or notebook interior cleaning suddenly becomes a repair. With us you can of course trust that something like this will not happen. We clean the processor and graphics card fan, free the interior of dust and dirt and then renew the thermal paste. And best of all: with laptops, cleaning of the keyboard and display is also included.

Prevent damage from dust and dirt in the PC

Dust that has got stuck in the cooling fins makes cooling difficult

If you take care of your (maybe even very expensive) laptop or PC and want to have something from the device for a long time, you should have the interior cleaned two to three times a year (especially if you also smoke in the room!) - just leave it alone the dust has no chance of spreading permanently in the case and adversely affecting the performance of the computer. Magnetic dust filters are also a conceivable solution - these ensure that the dust no longer gets into the housing, but is filtered out directly.

And particularly important for laptops: the notebook should not be placed on a soft surface (i.e. blankets, sofa, bed) if it is used for a long time. Here it is advisable to always use a small laptop table for the sofa. These tables look a bit like a table that you buy for breakfast in bed. In contrast, they usually have small slots in the wood that keep the fan free. In addition, the table can usually be tilted in different stages. So you can enjoy the optimal view of the display while lying down. Such laptop tables are available for less than 20 euros and are definitely a worthwhile investment.

Do you have any questions about dust and dirt in the computer? Let us know in the comments! Also contact us if you want to successfully get your PC clean.