Which hair dryers do professionals use

Hairdresser hair dryers - why it is worth buying

A professional hair dryer differs in many ways from a conventional hair dryer from the supermarket. A higher performance, different setting options and the use of the latest technology make a hairdresser hair dryer a perfect styling instrument for daily hair care.

In addition, a professional hair dryer is also available more durable, as models for domestic use. That is why the purchase of such a device is worthwhile not only for the hairdressing salon, but also for private use.

The hair dryer in private households is really worth it!


Professional hair dryers - solid at first glance

With a professional hair dryer, the difference to the household model can be seen at first glance. The housing is made solid and stable, so that it will last for a long time, even if the hair dryer is used once falls to the ground.

The professional devices are usually designed in such a way that they sit comfortably in the hand in order to make it easier for the hairdressers to work long hours with the hair dryer.

Furthermore, the professional devices are also characterized by a longer cable length. Usually they measure Cable 2.50m or more, which makes it easier for the hairdresser to move around the customer. This is also useful at home as the long cable is a ffree movement in front of the mirror.

High quality equipment

A professional hair dryer is usually more powerful than amateur devices. You can usually tell from the wattage. Professional dryers are characterized by a performance of 1800 watts or more, while most household appliances are well below this value. The motors are not only powerful, but also have a long service life.

The hairdresser needs hair dryer has a more extensive equipment than other devices. Such a device has a number of Cold and hot settings. The cold setting is used by the hairdresser to cool the scalp and fix the hairstyle and is therefore an important feature.

Most professional hair dryers also come with a few different attachments. This enables a wide range of uses and the same device can be used for natural curls and straight hair as well as for children and men. The essays can always be a optimal styling be achieved.

Most professional hair dryers also have one high air flow on. So the hair can be dried in less time. While this speed is important for efficient work at the hairdresser's, you of course also benefit as a private person if you can save time drying your hair in the morning.

Professional hairdryer with modern technology

If you choose a cheap hair dryer from the supermarket, you can do a lot with it Damage to hair dish, especially if you use the device regularly to dry and style your hair. Many of these dryers only have one heat setting and dry the hair by blow-drying that is too long and too hot. The hair becomes brittle and loses its shine.

The professional hairdryer, on the other hand, is characterized by new technologies that allow you to dry your hair even maintain can. So if you value beautiful and healthy hair, you should definitely invest in such a hair dryer.

Among the professionals, the Ion technology gladly used when it comes to gentle and efficient blow-drying. With this hair dryer, anions, i.e. negatively charged particles, are released into the air during drying. These are generated and received in a high-voltage generator in the hair dryer via the airflow in the hair.

A professional hair dryer produces a large number of ions that ensure a better drying effect and at the same time static charge avoid the hair. The hair is positively charged and is neutralized by the influence of negative ions. So the hairstyle can put on the head and does not fly.

The reduced drying time of the ion blower is also beneficial for the hair as it is exposed to the heat for a shorter period of time during drying. Of course, you also save valuable time and, last but not least, reduce the electricity costs.

Ceramic elements are also another new technology in a hairdresser's hair dryer Ceramic dryer are also ion dryers and also have a special ceramic ring or a ceramic coating on the nozzle grille of the hair dryer.

Ceramic can intensify the ionic effect. In addition, the individual drops of water in tiny micromolecules that are absorbed by the hair. This means that the hair is not dried out when blow-drying. With such a hair dryer, four important advantages can be achieved, from which one also benefits as a private user:

  • The flow of heat is constant and is evenly distributed
  • Hair fibers are optimally protected when drying
  • Hair does not dry out
  • Static charging is avoided.

Read more about the facts about ion technology in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

What hair dryer do hairdressers use

Even in the professional segment there is a huge selection of hair dryers today, so that one wonders which models are actually preferred by hairdressers. For the hairdresser, the hair dryer is an important tool that is often in use all day.

Therefore, the professional hair dryer is mainly judged according to two criteria. On the one hand, it has to be powerful, reliable and durable in order to continuously enable efficient drying.

The other important point when choosing a hair dryer for hairdressers is that no damage is done to the hair when it is dried, so customers can use theirs Hair care satisfied are.

Professional hair dryers that meet these requirements are available from a variety of brands. In tests, devices from manufacturers such as Babyliss, Parlux and Valera always find good ratings and are also popular with hairdressers.

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For whom is a hairdresser hair dryer worthwhile?

If you want to buy a good professional hair dryer, you have to come with it acquisition cost calculate from approx. € 60.00. That is of course a multiple of the price for a simple hair dryer from the drugstore. You should therefore consider whether such a device really makes sense for your own use.

Such a device is mainly suitable for longer hair. No matter whether it is the woman with long whale hair or the man with a hair length of about 6cm. Likewise for Family households in which several people have to blow dry their hair. Those who blow dry daily should by no means do without a professional device.

However, if you rarely blow-dry and usually leave it to the hairdresser to style, the need for such a device may be questionable.

You should pay attention to these criteria when buying

Since a professional hair dryer is more expensive to buy, one should also be critical in the choice. The following criteria should be observed:

  • Ergonomic shape of the handle and easy access to the control buttons
  • Sufficient cable length
  • Powerful motor with at least 1800 watts
  • Ion technology or ceramic coating
  • Different setting options for heat and cold setting
  • Various attachments included in the accessories

It's worth looking at a comparison that allows you to see the properties of the different models at a glance. So it is easy to get a high quality hair dryer for your money that you can use has joy for years to come.


A professional hair dryer does not only do a good job in the hairdressing salon, but can also be advantageous for hair care at home. If you want healthy, shiny hair and good manageability desires of hair should opt for a professional hair dryer today.

The purchase price for such a hair dryer is slightly higher than for a normal model. In return, however, you get a device that dries faster, is gentle on the hair and also through a longer lifetime excels. For these reasons, it is worthwhile for anyone who often blow-dries their hair at home to purchase a professional hairdryer.