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Last updated: April 07, 2021


The value networks in Bavaria are efficient and highly innovative. In association with established companies, young companies play an increasing role when it comes to bringing innovation and new impulses into the economy.

Start-ups often have a great need for capital, business know-how and the necessary contacts to establish and implement their own business model. The Free State of Bavaria has a wide range of funding instruments developed to help companies establish themselves.

Economic development in Bavaria - founder state Bavaria

With the Gründerland.Bayern initiative, the Bavarian State Government has created a comprehensive package of measures to provide comprehensive support to startups. The aim of the initiative is to develop the Free State into Germany's number 1 start-up country with a pan-European presence.

The initiative encompasses a range of measures to support business start-ups - starting with the Optimizing the ecosystem, about the Improvement of the financing situation up to the concrete Support with technology-oriented company start-ups.

Funding programs for business founders and start-ups

The start-up funding is divided into the following fields of activity:

  • Even before founding a company, it makes sense to seek expert advice. The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and the European Social Fund are offering this Coaching advice offers.
  • With the Funding program “Start? Grant!" Startups in the field of digitization receive financial support.
  • BayStartUP offers coaching and workshops. In addition, the facility offers a comprehensive financing network with over 280 business angels and more than 100 institutional investors.
  • The Business plan competitions in Bavaria - also from BayStartUP organized - offer outstanding founders the chance to win cash prizes and public attention. Not only the winners benefit, because every entry receives intensive jury feedback from successful entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors.
  • With the program to promote the validation of research results and inventions (Validation funding) as well as the easier transition to a founding existence (FLIGHTS) research activities at Bavarian colleges and universities are supported, which should prepare the easier transition to a start-up existence.
  • With funding from the Bavarian Program for the Promotion of Technology-Oriented Business Start-ups (BayTOU), the Bavarian State Government is pursuing the goal of encouraging start-ups in promising technology areas and supporting newly founded companies.
  • The Initiative founders 50+ is intended to support the generation of over 50-year-old specialists in setting up a company and thus encourage them to take this step.
  • A solid financial base is an essential prerequisite for innovative founders to implement their ideas. Bayern Kapital GmbH helps finance young, innovative technology companies in Bavaria Venture capital (Venture capital). Bavarian start-up teams and start-ups are supported with financing offers from the seed phase to the growth phase (Bavarian Growth Fund).
  • In order to further improve the ecosystem for business start-ups, there are currently eleven Business incubators for digital start-ups set up - another seven are in the planning stage. In a competition process, all of the selected locations impressed with their combination of infrastructure and networking.
  • There are general incubators among others. with the district governments, colleges and universities as well as many associations and chambers. The platform of Gründerland Bayern offers a list.

Founders can benefit from the various risk relief programs of LfA Förderbank Bayern and Bürgschaftsbank Bayern.

For more information on the Gründerland.Bayern initiative and the individual measures, please follow the links on the right. You can also obtain further information from the Bavarian Project Management Agency (Bayern Innovativ) from the Bavarian Funding Guide.

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