Can your crush become true love

What is true love

You already know that? Maybe, but there are many little things that make them so special. True love survives changes such as a distance, a new haircut and does not attach itself to externals. Not only do you love a boy's looks, you also love his character. How he treats you and his sense of humor. Real love comes from within. You cannot "truly love" someone from the first minute. You don't know him well enough for that. Persistence and long-term trust are the basis for real love. And above all, it survives the bad times, the downsides. It is more difficult with desire.

What is desire now?

You want someone you don't even know. A star, for example. You see his appearance and find him attractive. You'd like to be with him because he's cute, but you don't even know his character. It's similar with a boy who is new to school, but you don't really know him yet. At first you just think he's beautiful and would like to be with him. Desire only scratches the surface. But desire can also be the starting signal for true love! And vice versa. First you find someone cute, get to know them and through their great character you begin to love them.

Love and desire: does it work together?

Clear! The desire does not necessarily have to be lost. You can still desire him, and he too, you, after a long time. Being wanted pushes our self-esteem. It makes us happy to turn guys heads! There is nothing better than combining love and desire. When only desire is there, then true love in a relationship is the cherry on the cake!

If it stays with desire

It can also happen that desire does not result in true love. The boy, for example, is super cute, but his character is a total shot in the oven. He is not helpful, only thinks of himself and does not meet your requirements for a relationship at all. Then you just wanted him. Does not matter! The next one comes faster than you think. At some point you just have to admit to yourself that he is not the right person for real love. Having a relationship based solely on desire does not make you happy in the long run.