Is HTML a language or not

HTML language codes - language of the website

Specification of the language in HTML5

Language codes are intended for speech output and are intended to help search engines match the content. Specifying the language code should help the browser, for example, to correctly display the typographical quotation marks and special characters of the language and to perform correct hyphenation.

The search engines use the hreflang attribute to determine the alignment of the website in order to treat roughly the same content with a URL in Germany and a URL in Switzerland not as duplicated content but as language versions de and ch.

A two-letter subcode is interpreted as a country code according to [ISO3166].

  • "af" Afghanistan
  • "sq" Albanian
  • "ar" Arabic
  • "eu" in Basque
  • "bg" in Bulgarian
  • "da" in Danish
  • "de" German
  • "eo" esperanto
  • "et" Estonian
  • "fo" faroese
  • "fi" Finnish
  • "fr" French
  • "gl" Galician
  • "el" in Greek
  • "iw" Hebrew
  • "ga" Irish
  • "is" Icelandic
  • "it" Italian
  • "yes" in Japanese
  • "ca" Catalan
  • "hr" in Croatian
  • "lv" latvian
  • "lt" Lithuanian
  • "mt" is Maltese
  • "mk" Macedonian
  • "nl" Dutch
  • "no" Norwegian
  • "pl" in Polish
  • "pt" Portuguese
  • "ro" Romanian
  • "ru" in Russian
  • "gd" Scottish
  • "sr" Serbian
  • "sk" in Slovak
  • "sl" Slovenian
  • "it" in Spanish
  • "sv" Swedish
  • "cs" in Czech
  • "tr" Turkish
  • "uk" Ukrainian
  • "hu" is Hungarian
<html lang="de">


<html xmlns="" lang="de" xml:lang="de">

Language codes can consist of two parts: the primary language code and an optional subcode.

en-us // the US version of English en-gb // English de-ch // Swiss German fr-ch // French Switzerland fr-ca // French Canada cz-cs // Czech Republic Accept-Charset: ISO-8859 -1, UTF-8; q = 0.7, *; q = 0.7 [CRLF] Accept-Language: de, en; q = 0.7, en-us; q = 0.3 [CRLF]

No language

What if the text is in no language but a long article number or the popular dummy text Lorem Ipsum? There really is. That's what the IANA zxx as a language code for no language.

<span lang="zxx"> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. </span>

Translate the page in the Chrome browser

Pages in French, Spanish or English? The Google Chrome browser can translate pages directly on the desktop.

The translation is not necessarily perfect, and the translator stumbles every now and then. It's always understandable.

If the translator does not start in Chrome, under the three dots in the top right corner, then under attitude, further below languages and there e.g. at English click on the three dots and tick the cross for translating.

Chrome also translates the designers' famous dummy text - Lorem Ipsum - from Latin into German. It doesn't make Lorem Ipsum more understandable, but it is fun and interesting when it does Magna enim feugiat dolorThe great pain for the eu arises, a lot revolves around football and the arrows on the keyboard hover over the base.