What did Martin Luther King want

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Restricted civil rights for the black US population

Until the 1960s, black residents in the United States had fewer rights than whites. Black people had to make way for white people on buses; black people were not allowed to go to the same schools as white people, they could not do the same jobs.

Nonviolent struggle for equality

In the 1950s, resentment about the oppression of the black population in the United States grew. Many people organized themselves in protest groups and called for the desegregation to be abolished. Among them Martin Luther King, a pastor who was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Martin Luther King was a very talented speaker and encouraged the black US population to fight for their rights - but without violence. In a short time he became the leader of the civil rights movement in the USA.

The dream speech

58 years ago today, on August 28, 1963, King gave his most famous address to over 250,000 people in the American capital Washington D.C. The speech became known under the title “I have a dream” (in the English original it says: “I have a dream”). Because Martin Luther King had the dream that one day it will be taken for granted that all people, regardless of skin color, will be treated equally before the law. He had a dream that one day black and white people would be able to sit together in peace at one table. And he had the dream that one day his four young children would live in a country where they were judged not by their skin color but by their character.


Martin Luther's fight for the implementation of equality was successful. Just one year after his famous dream speech, racial segregation was abolished by law in the USA and unrestricted suffrage for the entire black population was passed shortly afterwards. For this and for his nonviolent resistance, King received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

Four years later, Martin Luther King was shot dead - at the age of just 39. To date, it has not been clarified who was behind this attack. Martin Luther King is one of the most important representatives in the non-violent struggle against racism and social oppression.