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Mary Kay Letourneau († 58) Despite separation three years ago: On her deathbed, she spoke to her ex-husband Vili

Mary Kay Letourneau († 58) - it's a name that went around the world. In 1996, the then teacher was caught with one of her students: Mary Kay was 34 and married when she fell in love with her student Vili Fualaau (then 12). In March 1997, the relationship between the two became public when Mary Kay's ex-husband Steve found love letters from the two. He reported her, and a few months later she pleaded guilty to child abuse. The first daughter of the unequal couple saw the light of day in May 1997, when Mary Kay was still waiting for her guilty verdict.

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Prohibited relationship between Mary Kay Letourneau and student Vili Fualaau

A sentence of six and a half years was changed to three months in prison and three years of therapy, and Mary Kay was not allowed to contact Vili or her four children from her first marriage. The relationship between the two of them was one of the first between a student and a teacher, which is why it caused such a stir in the 1990s. However, while Letourneau was paroled, she met her student again, breaking her parole.

She became pregnant again and had a second daughter together in prison in October 1998. At the age of 15, Vili became a single father for the second time, because Mary Kay Letourneau was not released from prison until August 2004.

The ban on contact between Mary Kay and Vili was lifted due to an application, the two were allowed to meet again - and finally married on May 20, 2005. Everything looked like a happy ending, but three years ago the shock: The Fualaau couple filed for divorce a.

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To spend the last few weeks with Mary Kay, Vili moved back to live with her

With the surprise death of the former teacher on July 6, 2020, new details about the relationship came to light. Because although the two apparently went their separate ways, it was probably Vili who sat at the bedside of his ex-wife until the end. At the beginning of the illness, the two should only have had contact every now and then, an acquaintance told the US magazine "People". Despite the separation, they are said to have still felt love for one another.

When the cancer spread in June, Mary Kay said goodbye. "They talked to each other. He is sad about the loss. For the daughters, but also for himself," said the family friend. "He has lost a piece of himself. Of course he knows that you have done a lot wrong. But feelings cannot be turned off. He spoke to her shortly before her death, they spoke up."