How is an advertising platform set up technically?

Performance marketing: making advertising success measurable

In theory, performance advertising is clearly defined, but how do you go about practical implementation best before? Let's look at the following performance marketing example:

Let's say you've been running an online shop for vintage and rockabilly clothing for almost a year and want yours with the help of performance marketing Notoriety, the Visitor numbers and ultimately the increase sales.

Your performance marketing strategy should come with one critical look at your online shop start. All content - and this not only includes product descriptions, prices, special offers, etc., but also information about the company or changes to payment or shipping information - must always be up to date. You should also check whether you can further improve the design and functionality of your site - Responsiveness, Clarity and Monitorability are prerequisites for a successful performance marketing campaign.

When optimizing, check other important areas such as Product and price and adjust them as needed. Can you keep up with your biggest competitors in terms of price? Offer your products unique selling point (Unique Selling Proposition, USP)? Do you stand out enough from your competitors?

Clarifying these questions is critical to the success of your online shop. It can then be sent to the Optimization of the user interface walk. In order for visitors to feel comfortable in your shop and to stay longer in it, the page must be intuitive to use, load quickly and contain a good search function - more tips on the subject of "user interface" in our guide. These factors have a major impact on the conversion of new visitors to customers. Usability and conversion optimization play an important role in the success of any online marketing campaign.

If you use the Search engine optimization (SEO) have neglected, you should definitely make up for them as part of your performance marketing campaign. Appropriate measures (on-page and off-page optimization) help your shop to achieve a better ranking, which makes it easier for new visitors and potential customers to find you on search engines like Google. In addition, you can have an ad on Google (SEA measures) or an advertising banner (display advertising) speak for your online shop and thus the Increase awareness of your shop - The competition is particularly fierce in e-commerce.

Before you use these measures for your purposes as part of a performance marketing campaign, however, you should do some important preparatory work and the following points for an effective measurement of success internalize: