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"Full name: Brienne from Tarth

»Home (or Loyalty): Tarth
»Origin & location: Dusk Hall & on the way to Winterfell
"Activity: Knight
"Religion: The seven

Lord Selwyn Tarth's wife died soon after Brienne was born, so the young Brienne never met her mothers. Instead, she has seen Lord Selwyn have a different lady by his side every year.

Brienne was betrothed for the first time at the age of seven to Lord Bryn Caron's younger son, who was eleven at the time and whom she had only seen once when they were betrothed. Two years later, a bad cold brought down Lord Bryn, his wife, her fiancé and his sisters. Had it not happened, she would probably have married him within a year of it blossoming and her life would have been entirely different.

Ser Ronald Connington, the knight of the Greifenhorst, had wanted to urge his 18-year-old son Ronnet Connington to marry the then 12-year-old Brienne, as she would have been a good match for the destitute house. When Ronnet heard that Brienne was supposed to be very ugly, he advised his son to blow out the candle, because then all women would be the same. When Ronnet traveled to Tarth and faced Brienne, they were both the same size despite the age difference. Ronnet remembers that she was a "pig in silk" who almost choked on her tongue while speaking. He gave her a rose and told her that was the only thing she would ever get from him.
Brienne remembers welcoming Ronnet on behalf of her lord father, but then she was so excited that she could not recite the phrase she had memorized.

When she was about 14 years old, Lord Renly Baratheon appeared on Tarth when he visited his vassals on a tour after he had come of age. She had wanted to hide in her room because she was afraid of laughter, but her father had forced her to attend the evening feast. Then, contrary to expectations, Renly had shown himself to be very gallant and polite, and treated her like a pretty maiden.

Lord Selwyn did not give up hope of marrying Brienne. The third engagement was between the then 16-year-old Brienne and Lord Grandison's castellan Ser Umfried Wedelstab. The man was 65 years old and had told Brienne that he expected her to stop wearing armor after the marriage and to behave like a lady. Brienne was very shy, but she had the courage to tell Ser Umfried that she would only endure punishment from a man who would defeat her in battle. Ashamed and indignant, the old knight put on his armor to assign Brienne her place, and they fought with blunt tournament weapons. Brienne broke Ser Umfried's collarbone and two ribs and broke off the engagement. From then on, her father gave up his plan to marry Brienne.

When Renly called Baratheon to arms and gathered his army in front of Rosengarten, Brienne rode across the expanse to join him. Renly greeted them personally in his camp, but most of his knights received them with derision and scorn. Then three of the knights began a mean game with Brienne: Ser Hylo Hatz, Ben Buschig and Richard Ferkel made a bet as to which of them would manage to conquer Brienne's virginity. Over time, more and more knights and hedge knights joined the game, and a gold dragon was set as the bet. In addition to the three initiators, Will the Storch, Ser Mark Mullendor, Ser Edmund Ambros, Ser Owen Zollfeld and Ser Hugo Biengraben also tried, among others. Some gave gifts to Brienne, others were just plain friendly. Ben Buschig was the first to woo Brienne by sending his squire to her to clean her armor and he himself gave her a silver drinking horn. Brienne pushed them all off, but at the same time wondered why everyone was so kind to her. Then one day Dickon Tarly overheard four of the knights and reported it to his father, Lord Randyll Tarly. He put an end to the whole thing because he feared that someday someone might take Brienne by force, as the winnings had now grown to a pile of gold. He punished the knights, but at the same time blamed Brienne and asked her to take off her armor and return to Tarth, for a woman's only job was to bear children.

At the Buhurt von Bitterbrück she took revenge on her tormentors by beating one after the other: Richard Ferkel, Edmund Ambros, Ben Buschig, Mark Mullendor, Raymond Neinland and Will der Storch. She rode Harry Säger down and gave Robin Töpfer an ugly scar, and in the end she faced Ronnet Connington and defeated him too. The last opponent had been Loras Tyrell, whom she had nothing against, but who had three roses on his shield, and Brienne hates roses.
As a reward, she asks for a place in Renly's Rainbow Guard, which Renly grants her. Renly had intended this seventh and last place in the Guard for Ser Barristan Selmy, whom he hoped would join him.

She accompanies Renly to his interview with Stannis at the gates of Storm's Cape and rides between the two when the spirits boil and Stannis draws his sword. After the failed negotiations, Stannis and Renly agree to fight at dawn. Several lords ask to be allowed to lead the vanguard and thus the first attack, but Renly chooses Ser Loras Tyrell, with Renly placing Brienne at his side.
Just before dawn, she helps Renly into his armor, which is a great honor. She is alone with Catelyn and the king when a shadow blows into the tent and Renly rams a shadow sword in the neck, so that the king collapses covered in blood in Brienne's arms. Ser Emmon Cuy and Ser Robar Rois immediately storm into the tent with two simple soldiers. While Catelyn Ser Robar can convince of Brienne's innocence and he promises to stop the soon arriving soldiers, the remaining three storm towards Brienne. She can turn them off or keep them at bay until Catelyn helps her and the two of them can escape through a hole in the tent wall. She escapes from Renly's camp with Catelyn and her group.
On the way back to the rivers, Brienne withdraws more and more and hardly speaks to the others. She helps with the horses and the hunting. After Catelyn dissuades her from going to Stannis by herself to kill him, she swears an oath to Catelyn to protect her for helping her the night of Renly's death. During the negotiations between Stannis and Ser Cortnay Fünfrosen, the castellan vouched for Brienne: she could not have killed Renly because she loved him from the very first moment.
In fast water she sees Ser Edmure Tully leaving for the Battle of the Fords, but she stays behind with Catelyn. After the first skirmishes, she predicts that Lord Tywin's main blow will come soon. After Catelyn Tully receives news of the death of her sons Bran and Rickon, she visits Jaime in the dungeon and takes Brienne with her.

Catelyn Tully secretly frees Jaime Lannister from the Schnellwasser dungeon and sends Brienne and Ser Cleos Frey away with him to escort Jaime to King's Landing, where she is to trade him for Sansa Stark and Arya Stark. You are rowing down the Red Arm on a boat from high-speed water. When they are overtaken by a river galley under the command of Ser Robin Ryger, Brienne climbs onto a ledge and destroys the galley by loosening a rock. [6] They travel further down the river to the inn to the kneeling man, where they exchange the boat and three gold dragons for three horses with which they ride on. Brienne sees through a trap that the man who is not an innkeeper wanted to set her, and during the next rest she argues with Jaime about the honor a knight should have. She still manages to react calmly to Jaime's constant teasing.

You reach Jungfernteich, which is deserted, however, so that Brienne takes the path to Dämmertal. On the way there, the three are first shot at by archers from an ambush, with Ser Cleos dying. Brienne and Jaime now argue about whether or not Jaime should take Cleos' sword, and a lengthy duel ensues that is only ended when they are discovered and captured by a group of brave comrades. Their leader Urswyck brings them to Vargo Hoat, who first lets Jaime cut off his sword hand. Jaime is tied his severed hand to a hemp rope around his neck and he is tied to Brienne's horse because he can no longer hold himself. At first he loses all courage to face life, but then Brienne makes him want to go on living in order to take revenge one day. On the way through the river lands, he saves Brienne from being raped by Rorge and two other men and receives a painful beating for it. When they arrived in Harrenhal, Lord Roose Bolton received the two nobles with all courtesy and initially placed Brienne under his personal protection. Then he has Jaime taken care of by Qyburn, whom Jaime also sends to Brienne, who has carried away a deep wound on her leg from her fight. Jaime wants to make peace with Brienne and tells her the true story of Aerys II Targaryen's death and his plan to destroy King's Landing with sea fire. They later dine with Lord Bolton, who explains to them that he will send Jaime to King's Landing with an escort and that Brienne Vargo Hoats will remain a prisoner.

Jaime leaves Harrenhal with an escort of 200 men on the same day that Lord Roose gives the castle to Vargo Hoat. Vargo had turned down an offer from Brienne's father Selwyn to let Brienne go for 300 gold dragons because he still thinks the island is particularly rich. When Jaime returns to Harrenhal the next day to rescue Brienne from the clutches of the Brave Comrades, he finds her in the bear pit where she was thrown for biting off Vargo Hoat's ear. She was tucked into the pink dress and only equipped with a tournament sword so that she could not defeat the bear facing her. Jaime decided to jump into the pit and force the men of his escort as a living shield to shoot the bear with crossbows. He can intimidate Vargo Hoat so much that he eventually lets him and Brienne go. On the way to King's Landing, she quickly reverted to her stubbornness and often rode after the column. On the way, piece by piece, you will find men's clothing for you and even a breastplate. On the way they learn about the Red Wedding from Ser Bertram Biengraben in the Scheckenwald, which shocked Brienne very much, and one day before arriving in King's Landing about the Purple Wedding and Joffrey's death. Brienne initially holds back in the unfamiliar area of ​​King's Landing. However, she shows her condolences to Margaery Tyrell for the death of Renly, which is not easy in the presence of Joffrey. Margaery assures Brienne that she will not blame Renly's death. Later, Brienne talks to Jaime about the pact with the now killed Catelyn and about the whereabouts of the oath. She doesn't think Sansa is safe in King's Landing.

At the wedding of Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell, Cersei confronts Brienne and reacts jealously to her presence. Because of her long journey with Jaime, she suggests a relationship with her. Jaime, on the other hand, is friendly and a little grateful towards Brienne. After Joffrey's death at his own wedding, he assigns Brienne to find the missing Sansa and bring her home safely. For this he gives her his own sword, which he recently received from his father and which was forged from the blade of Ned Stark, a new armor and Tyrion Lannister's former squire Podrick Payn. They set off together, although they first have to get used to each other.

You get to the tavern, where the Brotherhood without a banner with Arya, Gendry and Hot Pate once stopped. There they meet Hot Pate, who is still working in the tavern. He tells them that the Brotherhood wanted to take Arya to Swiftwater. He hands Brienne and Pod a loaf of bread in a clearly recognizable wolf shape.

On the way, they spontaneously decide not to go to Schnellwasser, but to Hohenehr, as Lysa Arryn, the last supposed living relative of Sansa and Arya, lives there.

After a while they meet Arya and Sandor Clegane. However, Arya is suspicious of Brienne and Sandor even tries to protect Arya from Brienne. Since Brienne owes her armor to a Lannister, Sandor believes that Brienne wants to hand Arya over to the Lannisters. A fight ensues between the two in which Brienne succeeds in defeating Sandor, but not killing him. During the fight, Brienne and Podrick lose sight of Arya.

After the search for Arya Stark fails, Podrick and Brienne want to continue looking for Sansa. At first they suspect that it is on the black fortress with their half-brother Jon Schnee. While eating at an inn, Podrick recognizes Sansa, who is dining with Petyr Baelish. Sansa refuses Brienne's help as Baelish Tarth confronts the deaths of Renly and Catelyn, whom she should have protected as a knight. He demands that the two of them stay at the inn to get a head start, but a tussle ensues and the two flee while Sansa and Littlefinger ride on on the mountain road.

Petyr later reaches Maidengraben with Sansa, whom Brienne tries to avoid. She knows that Baelish wants to bring Sansa back to Winterfell. Brienne learns how Podrick came into the service of Tyrion Lannister and she apologizes for her harsh behavior and wants to teach him how to fight with the sword.

When they reach Winterfell, they spend the night in an inn and Brienne sends a message to Sansa. Whenever she was in need, she should light a candle in the ruined tower of the fortress.

During the Battle of Winterfell, Brienne leaves the inn to face Stannis Baratheon. She finds him in a forest, reveals her identity and asks him to tell the truth about Renly's death. She executes her sentence with the sword and kills Stannis.

Brienne and Podrick encounter Sansa and Theon Greyjoy after a fight against several men from House Bolton. She swears to Sansa to fight for her and to protect her, to which Sansa agrees.

Then the three of them make their way to the wall, while Theon makes his way to the Iron Islands. Eventually they arrive at the Black Fortress, where Sansa and her bastard brother Jon Snow embrace. While the travelers warm up, Sansa tries to convince her brother to take Winterfell.

Therefore, she sends Brienne on a mission to the river lands to win the local army as support. Her little finger had given the hint that there was an army of the Tully's to be found there.

Brienne arrives in rapid water and delivers the message to Brynden Tully Sansa's message. But he rejects her call for help, as he will never give up his home. The fortress is taken by a ruse without a fight. Only Brynden is combative and dies in battle. Before that, however, he helps Brienne and Podrick to escape. When Brienne and Podrick flee from rapid water in a small rowing boat, quietly and at dusk, they are watched by Jaime from the castle. Their eyes meet and they wave goodbye.

Brienne has returned from the Riverside and sits among the Lords of the North, while Sansa repeatedly contradicts Jon over the fate of Houses Umber and Karstark. She trains Podrick in sword fighting and is distracted by Tormund's stare, which is clearly uncomfortable for her. When she notices that Petyr Baelish is taking advantage of her absence to be able to talk to Sansa undisturbed, she rushes to her side and Littlefinger quickly leaves the two of them. Brienne wants to find out from Sansa why Littlefinger is still lingering on Winterfell. Sansa notes that she knows Littlefinger's intentions very well.

Brienne and Podrick are watching the three Stark siblings, and Podrick says she should be proud of having kept her oath to Catelyn Stark. However, Brienne does not think she deserves this praise and refrains from improving Pordrick when Pordrick calls her a lady again. She and Podrick are training in the yard again and, as so often, Podrick constantly ends up on the ground in the snow.

They are interrupted by Arya Stark, who wants to practice with Brienne because she was able to defeat the bloodhound. Brienne first doubts and does not want to train, but Arya reminds her of her promise to serve both Stark girls.During the fight, Brienne holds back at first, but quickly realizes that Arya can keep up, which makes the fight tougher. In the end, Brienne manages to knock the needle out of Arya’s hand, but cannot prevent her from holding a dagger to her neck. Since Brienne could also put her blade on Arya's neck, the fight is a draw. Both smile and when Brienne's question about Arya's teacher she replies with "Nobody". They notice that Littlefinger is watching them and they both look up at him suspiciously. Little finger bows slightly and moves on.

Brienne is called to see Sansa and learns that she has received an invitation to King's Landing and plans to send her to Sansa's place. Brienne refuses, however, because this invitation is for Sansa and she can then no longer protect Sansa from Little Fingers. She worries that this man has all of Sansa's men in hand and that Sansa is not safe on her own. Podrick should stay in her opinion, but Sansa doesn't want to hear about it, as she says nothing can happen to her in her home. Instead, she tells Brienne to hurry up, otherwise she won't make it to the meeting in time. Brienne declares that she is clearly dissatisfied and leaves.

On the way to the negotiations, Brienne meets Sandor Clegane and expresses her astonishment at his survival. They realize that both of them just wanted to protect Arya and she tells Sandor about Arya's appearance on Winterfell and that Arya no longer needs protection. In the dragon pit she looks for Jaime's gaze, but he walks past her without a word. After Cersei, despite the revenant, initially refuses to help and leaves, Jaime wants to follow her, but Brienne stops him. He announces they will meet again on the battlefield soon. Brienne is horrified that he does not want to see how dangerous the army of the dead is for all of them and that it is no longer important who is loyal to whom. Jaime is stunned by her harsh words. Brienne furiously demands that he speak to Cersei and watches after him as he follows his sister. When Cersei changes her mind, Brienne stands between the Dothraki and watches the action

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"Full name: Sandor Clegane
»Home (or Loyalty): Clegane
»Origin & location: Westlande & on the way to Winterfell
"Institution: /
"Religion: Believe in the seven
»Our common history and relationship:

Sandor Clegane, who is known by everyone as the "bloodhound", is the younger brother of Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane and is a fighter in the service of the House of Lannister. Among other things, he serves as the personal bodyguard of the heir to the throne Joffrey Baratheon and can therefore always be found in his vicinity. Clegane is very skilled with the sword, but refuses to take the oath and be knighted. His outward appearance is terrifying, as he has severe burn marks on the right half of his face.

He is known for his robust and heartless manner, but also as a loyal subordinate of the respective king. On the way from Winterfell to King's Landing, Clegane, on the orders of Queen Cersei, rode down the butcher boy, who had involuntarily got into conflict with Joffrey, and showed no trace of pity. Sansa Stark also came across the bloodhound a few times and was frightened. Clegane is aware of his intimidating demeanor and reinforces it by ridden in on arrival in Winterfell in full armor and a fearsome-looking dog-head helmet.

During the Ned honor tournament, Sandor is very amused when his older brother loses to Loras Tyrell. But when he wants to go after Ser Loras after the fight, Sandor doesn't hesitate for a second and intervenes. He and his brother have an exciting fight to the din of the audience. When King Robert gives Baratheon the order to stop the fight, Sandor leaves his brother immediately and kneels in front of the king. While Gregor angrily marches away, Sandor is celebrated by the crowd and is considered the true winner of the tournament. Sansa and the others present are also visibly impressed by Sandor's martial arts, while Sandor reacts more surprised and embarrassed to the attention.

Another side of the bloodhound is revealed at the tournament. Littlefinger tells Sansa in the strictest confidence the history of the Cleganes, who have been enemies with each other since their youth. When both Clegane brothers were boys, one day Sandor was playing with his brother's toy knight. He came home, grabbed his brother without saying a word and pressed his face into the glowing coals of the fireplace. Ever since that incident, they have been bitter rivals. Sansa has to promise not to tell this secret to anyone, as Sandor would not be pleased.

After King Robert's death, Sandor never leaves Joffrey's side. He joins Jamie Lannister and the Royal Guard when Eddard Stark is arrested and is also present at his execution. Since Sansa was imprisoned in King's Landing as Joffrey's fiancé, Sandor has kept an eye on her too. After Sansa feels Joffrey's brutality, Sandor, contrary to all expectations, gives her a handkerchief and the advice to obey Joffrey.

On Joffrey's name day, Clegane fights for him and kills his opponent. When Joffrey vented his anger over Robb Stark's victories on Sansa, he gave her his cloak to cover her and, on Tyrion's orders, took her to safety. Meanwhile, the citizens of King's Landing start a revolt against Joffrey's iron rule. Clegane can save Joffrey from the revolt and can protect Sansa again shortly before a rape. Shortly thereafter, Sansa meets him in the hallway and expresses her thanks, whereupon Sandor Clegane only says that he enjoys the killing. Sansa asks why he is so hateful and Sandor says with a smile that one day she will be grateful to him when he is the only one standing between her and Joffrey. He later catches Shae and Sansa trying to hide Sansa's sheets after Sansa has had her first period. Clegane dutifully informs Cersei of this.

During the Battle of Schwarzwasser, Sandor Clegane leads the army into war. On the battlefield, he kills many of Stannis Baratheon's soldiers, but the fire that traumatized him as a child is increasingly troubling him. Bronn, who was involved in a conflict with Clegane before the battle, was just able to save him from an attack and Clegane finally withdrew into the castle walls, disturbed. There he asks for something to drink and when Joffrey shrilly tells him to go fight, he swears off Joffrey and the King's Guard and leaves the court. When Sansa escapes to her room during the war, Clegane is already waiting for her in the dark. He calms down the nervous Sansa and offers to bring her safely to Witerfell. But Sansa refuses, believing that Stannis Baratheon will win the war and that she would be safe from the Lannisters. Sandor says that she would still be surrounded by killers and promises to take care of her.

After Sandor Clegane leaves King's Landing, he is captured by the Brotherhood without a banner. Anguy and his men lead the bloodhound to Thoros of Myr in a remote tavern. Clegane immediately reveals Arya Stark. Before he is taken away, she stands in his way and wants to confront him, but he is roughly led into the carriage by Anguy. Arrived in Beric Dondarrion's hiding place, Clegane has to answer for his actions before him. But Clegane shows no fear and accuses everyone of the brotherhood breaking the oath and desertion. He also asserts that he is not a murderer, since he never killed babies and only served in war. Arya interferes and blames Clegane for the death of the butcher boy Mycah. Clegane does not deny this, but justifies himself that it was necessary to protect King Joffrey.

Beric Dondarrion finally agrees with Arya and charges Clegane with the murder. But since he was only obeying orders, he was given a fair judgment. In a duel for life and death, the Lord of Light is to decide the fate of the bloodhound. His opponent is Dondarrion himself. As the fight begins, the Brotherhood leader gains an advantage by knowing Clegane's fears and setting his sword up in flames. Nevertheless, Clegane can kill him with a heavy blow in the shoulder. When Arya realizes that Clegane has won, she quickly takes up the sword herself, but is stopped. Clegane mocks them and the gods, but just like everyone else involved, he has to watch in disbelief as Beric is resurrected. He grants Clegane freedom because the Lord of Light has sided with him for today. Still, he promises Arya that Clegane's time will come.

When Arya flees from the Brotherhood, Clegane takes her captive in the forest. She curses him and even wants to kill him with a stone when he seems to be asleep. But Arya can't do it, although Clegane makes no move to defend herself. Then they ride on and when Clegane says she was lucky he found her, she only says that there is nobody worse than him. When he mentions that he saved Sansa from being raped, Arya is soothed. Instead of delivering her back to King's Landing, he would rather bring her to Robb and Catelyn's twins, as they will reward him richly for it. On the way, Arya can stop him from killing a poor driver. Shortly before the Frey wedding, Arya and the bloodhound talk about each other's fears and he provokes her so that she swears to him that she will kill him one day.

When they reach the twins, Clegane knocks Arya out before she reaches her family in the hall and becomes the victim of Walder Frey's plot. He brings Arya to safety and rescues her one more time when she stabs Lannister soldiers and is almost killed by them herself. Then he just says dryly that she should let him know next time if she is planning something like this again.

After Robb Stark's death, Sandor would like to safely take Arya to her aunt Lysa Arryn. On the way they arrive at a tavern and Arya insists that the men be killed because she discovers Polliver among them. Sandor votes against because they are outnumbered. He can't stop her in time when she storms to the entrance and when they enter the tavern, they are actually recognized by Polliver. He goes to them and after a little small talk, Sandor makes it clear to him that he has sworn off the king. Everything suddenly becomes quiet and Sandor asks Polliver to finally bring him chickens to eat. When asked whether Sandor would not die for the king but for chickens, Sandor replied that someone would die for the chickens. Then Clegane throws the table at Polliver and fights the Lannister guards. Clegane is so involved in the fight that he does not notice that Polliver is sneaking up on him from behind with a knife. But Arya saves Sandor and stabs Polliver. Then they ride on with two horses and enough chicken.
During her trip, Arya asks why Sandor is taking her to see her aunt. Sandor says that he wants to leave Westeros afterwards and work as a mercenary, maybe even as a second-born in the Free Cities. When Arya pricked up her ears and said she wanted to go to Braavos, Clegane just laughed and said she wouldn't know anyone there anyway. The two are interrupted by a farmer and his daughter. Clegane is very rude and Arya apologizes for her father's behavior. Sandor plays the game and they are invited to dinner. Then the farmer Clegane makes an offer that he could work for him for silver. Sandor agrees. The next morning, Arya wakes up to learn that Clegane broke his promise and robbed the farmer. Arya angrily confronts him, but Sandor only says that the two would not have survived the winter anyway. Instead, there are enough atrocities in the world and Arya must learn to be practical and make ugly decisions if she is to survive.

During a rest, Clegane shares the idea with Arya that he wants to kill his brother Gregor Clegane and is surprised that Arya really wants to kill Gregor himself. The next morning he sees Arya practicing the water dance with a needle. He makes fun of her and Syrio Forel and disarms them without further ado.

Meanwhile, Clegane is being discussed in the Small Council. Varys reports that he is in the Riverlands and when Cersei calls him a coward, Tywin decides to put a bounty of 100 pieces of silver on him.

Arya and Sandor pass a raided village and find a wounded man, whom Sandor pays their last respects. Then Sandor is jumped at by Beißer, who bites him in the neck. Sandor can kill him and when he discovers Rorge and asks if he is on Arya's list. She doesn't know his name and Clegane asks Rorge to give his name. When he does this, Arya stabs him. Sandor admits that she is quick to learn. Sandor later tries to sew his wound on the neck. When Arya sees his awkward attempt, she suggests burning the wound out, but he immediately refuses, saying that he owes all of this only to his brother. The worst was not the pain or the disgusting smell, but the knowledge that his own brother had scarred him and that her father also protected him. Arya washes the wound and silently sews it together.

When they arrive in the Arryn Valley, they argue about the importance of happiness. Sandor says nothing could make Arya happy. She contradicts and counters that the death of Polliver and Rorge made her happy. When she says that she is sad not to have seen Joffrey's death, Clegane says that he was poisoned by a woman's hand, because men only kill with steel. Arya laughs and says that is exactly why he would never be a great killer. When she notices that Clegane is still struggling with his wound on the neck, she says that they should have burned it out. You can tell that it is slowing down through the wound. When they arrive at the guards, they are told that Lysa Arryn is dead. Sandor responds in disbelief to the news, while Arya bursts out laughing next to him.

A short time later, the paths of the duo and that of Brienne von Tarth and her squire Podrick cross. Pod recognizes Sandor immediately and Brienne asks Sandor to give her Arya. Sandor reacts snappy that he will not leave her to Brienne just on the basis of some oath and asks her how she relates to the Lannisters. Their discussion grows louder until a battle breaks out between the two of them. Although Sandor is wounded, he attacks Brienne and throws her to the ground. When both lose their swords, they fight with their bare fists. Sandor knocks Brienne to the ground, but she manages to bite off part of Sandor's ear. He cries out in pain and Brienne takes the opportunity to hit him on the head with a stone.

Sandor remains lying down after the fight and Brienne goes in search of Arya. She has hidden and sneaks up to Sandor. He is breathing heavily and is wounded. In addition, his leg was broken and his neck was infected. With his last breaths, Sandor panted that the time had come for him and he asked for wine. Then he says that Arya can cross his name off her list and give him a quick death.

When Arya makes no move to redeem him, Sandor can't believe it and tries with all his strength to provoke her by laughing at Mycah and saying that he should have rape Sansa when he had the opportunity. But instead Arya takes Sandor's money and without a word moves away from him, who is still yelling after her. She leaves him to his suffering fate.

The bloodhound survived and is in a place in the Green Valley. There he helps Brother Ray and his believing community to establish a sept for the belief in the seven. We learn that Sandor was found half dead and looked after. A little later the group meets three men of the Brotherhood without banners, including Zit. Ray is friendly towards them, even if Sandor advises him to kill them. In the evening when the dog returns from chopping wood, it has to discover that every single one of its community has been slaughtered. Eventually he finds Brother Ray hanging in the scaffolding of the septum.

In search of the three murderers, Sandor encounters members of the Brotherhood who are sitting around a campfire and fooling around. Without warning, Sandor attacks them with an ax and demands that the latter tell him where the one with the yellow cloak, Zit, is meant. But in response he only receives insults, which is why he kills him too. He keeps looking and hears loud calls. When he follows them, he is surprised to find Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr, who are about to hang out with other members of the brotherhood Zit and the other two. Surprised Beric turns to him and Thoros wants to know what Sandor is doing with them.Sandor explains that he is chasing the three and in return asks what the Brotherhood is doing with them. It turns out that both sides want justice for the killing of the community. Sandor demands that he kill the three because they killed his only friend, but Beric only grants him two in recognition of his loss. When Sandor wants to strike with his ax, Thoros stops him and insists on hanging. Sandor gives in disgruntled and knocks the barrels away from under Zit's and another's feet. Beric kicks away the third barrel and the three suffocate. While Zit is still kicking around on the rope, Sandor grabs his boots and keeps them to himself. Together they sit around the campfire afterwards and Thoros invites Sandor to join them, as winds rise in the north and Sandor in the fight against them may find the forgiveness that he could not find in living with Ray.

Sandor Clegane is traveling with the Brotherhood without a banner. They find an abandoned house by looking for shelter. There are two bodies found. These are the bodies of Sally and her father, from whom Sandor stole gold some time ago. The father killed his daughter and himself so they would not starve to death. Sandor is talking to Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr. They talk about the tournament. Thoros goes to the fire and wants Sandor to look inside. Reluctantly, Sandor agrees and looks into the flames. He sees a wall of ice, the wall, and a mountain. Sandor also sees a large army of revenants hovering nearby. Beric asks Sandor if he thinks they are here for a reason.
During the night Thoros finds Sandor shoveling outside. He digs a grave for the two bodies. Thoros asks if Sandor knew the people, but he says no. When the grave is shoveled, Sandor tries to say a prayer of the seven, but he cannot remember the words. He thinks the farmer and his daughter deserve it better.

Sandor, Beric and Thoros are discovered and captured by Tormund's scouts. The king of the north Jon Schnee, Ser Davos Seewert, Gendry and Jorah Mormont reach Ostwacht and look at the prisoners. Jon then releases them because they want to fight the undead together.

Sandor joins the plan to catch a revenant, and together with Jon, Davos, Gendry, Jorah, Tormund, Beric, Thoros and some men of the Free People, he goes behind the wall. When Gendry complains that Beric and Thoros sold him to the Red Witch and tells them what she did to him, Sandor throws in that he is still alive and should stop complaining about it. He goes on to say that Beric was killed six times and he wouldn't complain about it either. Shortly afterwards he talks to Tormund, who tells Sandor that a tall woman is waiting for him on Winterfell. When Tormund describes her in more detail, Sandor realizes that it is Brienne. Tormund wants to have children with her who will eventually conquer the world. Sandor is annoyed with Tormund and wonders how a man like Tormund could survive for so long. Tormund says he's good at killing.
When a snowstorm approaches, they recognize a snow bear in the distance, which is approaching and attacking. Beric attacks the bear with his flaming sword, causing the bear to catch fire. The bear runs towards Sandor, but because of his fear of fire, he is unable to defend himself, which is why he just looks at the bear. Thoros defends Sandor and is thrown to the ground by the bear. He can hold the bear back for a while, but is finally attacked by the bear and badly beaten up. Sandor continues to watch and can't help him. Ultimately, Jorah manages to kill the bear with a dragon glass dagger.

Jon and Tormund spot a group of revenants who are nearby. They set a trap for the group and attack them, when Jon kills the White Walker, all but one of the revenants die. Sandor throws himself at him and holds him on the ground. The revenant cries out several times, alerting the rest of the army. Sandor tries to keep his mouth shut, but this only tears off a piece of his skin. Ultimately, Jorah pulls a sack over the head of the revenant while he is tied up by Sandor. The bloodhound takes the revenant on his shoulder and they flee to a small island in the middle of a lake. When the majority of the revenants enter the lake, the ice collapses beneath them. They surround the lake and stay there until the ice freezes again. Meanwhile, Sandor kicks the revenant as he begins to move. He then utters a scream and the other revenants scream as well. You have to spend the night on the island. However, Thoros did not survive the night and froze to death. Sandor takes Thoros' alcohol and drinks it. Jon says they have to burn the body, so he takes the alcohol from Sandor and pours it over Thoros. Beric lights his sword and burns the corpse.
Sandor begins to throw stones at the revenants. He hits the first, but the second litter was too short. The stone rolls on the ice until it reaches the revenants. They notice that the ice is firm enough again and attack the group. When Tormund is thrown to the ground by some revenants and pulled into the water, Sandor comes to his aid and knocks the revenants down. The situation seems hopeless, but then Daenerys Targaryen appears in the sky with her three kites. Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal can burn many revenants. Daenerys lands on the island with Drogon to free the troops from there. Sandor, Jorah, Tormund and Beric ascend, along with the bound revenant. Everyone has to watch as Viserion is hit by an ice spear and death breaks into the ice. Jon tells Daenerys to fly because the Night King has the next spear ready. At the same moment, Jon is thrown to the ground by some revenants and the ice collapses under them. Daenerys and the rest of the party flee on Drogon and reach Eastwatch. Beric thinks that he and Sandor will see each other again, but Sandor hopes the opposite will happen. [31]
On the ship in the direction of King's Landing, Sandor goes below deck and knocks on the box in which the captured revenant is. He starts screaming loudly and tries to free himself from the box.

On the way to the dragon pit he escorted the car with the captured revenant. A Lannister soldier speaks to him and asks what is in the box. Sandor reacts dismissively and leaves him speechless. He talks to Brienne and they both realize that they just wanted to protect Arya. She tells Sandor about Arya's appearance in Winterfell and that Arya no longer needs protection. When he reaches the dragon pit, he parks the car with the revenant and warns a soldier not to kill him first if something happens to the car. Sandor goes to Tyrion and tells him that he once left this city because he didn't want to die here. If he dies here, it was a Lannister's fault. Tyrion sees Cersei and her entourage and tells him that a Clegane would always be there to carry out the Lannisters' plan. Sandor sees his hated brother. After the parties have sat down, he goes to Gregor and says that he is even uglier than himself. Gregor knows that this is not the end of him and he knows who is targeting him. Then Sandor goes to the lower part of the dragon pit to have the box with the revenant ready.
Shortly afterwards he presented the box with the revenant. At first the revenant doesn't move, but when Sandor knocks over the box, he runs towards Cersei. Just before he reaches them, Sandor pulls him back on a chain. He cuts his body, dividing it in half. In addition, he cuts off a hand that continues to move even after the separation.

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