Which smells do you find attractive

The magic of scented messages - Nobody smells as good as you

Everyone smells different. This applies to his body odor as well as the ability of his nose. She quickly knows which scents we find repulsive or attractive, whether we can smell someone or not. Whether a snub nose or an eagle model - shape and size do not matter. Everyone evaluates fragrances individually, it depends solely on the memories of the person wearing the nose and on his genetic makeup.

Actually, we should enjoy our body odor and trust nature. She reliably takes care of her dearest concern: equipping us perfectly for survival and ensuring the most successful possible reproduction of the species. To do this, she tries everything so that genes that go together optimally come together and ensures that they meet at the right time. Long before we humans developed high-tech devices for genetic analysis, nature equipped our noses with them: We can "smell" the genes of our fellow human beings by means of their body odor.

This article is contained in Spectrum Psychology, 3/2019 (May / June)

But what do people do? He reacts completely relaxed to physical scent messages. Any hair that could serve as a scent diffuser is removed or shampooed, and every body scented bottle is relentlessly showered off. Then he messes with nature with a foreign scent in the handicraft. Men would rather smell of musk like the deer of the same name on their chambers or of the anal area of ​​the civet than of themselves.

What the modern successful person fears is the typically rancid, greasy smell of sweat. But this scent cocktail does not come from us at all, it is only created by our roommates, the microorganisms on the skin. The sweat doesn't smell like it fresh. His negative assessment is also shaped by our upbringing. "Child, wash yourself, you stink," that's how our mother brings us up. It was evidently very different with Napoleon. He wrote to his Josephine days before his arrival: "Don't wash yourself, I'll come." Biologically quite sensible, because sweat contains many chemical messages for fellow human beings. So everyone is their own perfumer: they produce an individual perfume that is determined by their genes, and pheromones are also packed in the sweat - scent messages that every other person understands and to which they react immediately.

Our individual smell is unmistakable, an olfactory fingerprint, so to speak, by which dogs recognize us immediately. The Stasi took advantage of this in GDR times by collecting sweat samples from citizens unnoticed after the interrogations. The covers of their seat cushions were placed in mason jars in order to preserve them vacuum-packed and to be able to present them to the sniffer dogs if necessary. Thousands of fragrance samples are still on the shelves of the museum today.

Genital organ nose

Why does nature go to such lengths with individual smells? Of course only for better conservation of the species! Women react subconsciously to the information provided by the individual odor when they are looking for a father for their children. It should bring genes that are as different as possible from their own. Experiments with men's T-shirts have shown that the more the man's body scent differs from their own, the more attractive it appears to them.