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This is how Facebook Boost works

Companies spend a lot of time creating content that they can post on Facebook. With the decline in organic reach and the changes in the Facebook algorithm, companies are well advised to be familiar with all Facebook tools that make their presence in the wider target groups better known.

If you use Facebook for business, you have to face the fact that Facebook is reducing the organic reach of company pages in order to make the news feed more personal. However, Facebook allows companies to promote their posts so they don't lose their audience. With the “Apply for a post” option, you can give your Facebook posts an urgently needed boost. We'll explain how to do this in this post.

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The benefits of boosted Facebook posts

  • Remain visible despite the decline in organic reach. Facebook reported that the organic reach of corporate pages is declining. In other words, the number of people your posts can reach will decrease. The goal of Facebook is to fill news feeds with content from friends and family rather than brands. Facebook Boosts are your chance to counter this.
  • Reach a wider audience. You can reach a much wider audience with Facebook Boosts as you are not limited to just people who have already subscribed to your page. You also have the option of defining parameters for your desired target group. For example, you can limit your advertised posts to a very specific target demographic, e.g. B. 30 to 35 year old women in Berlin.
  • Easy to use. As soon as you click on the “Boost Post” or “Apply for a post” button, your post will go live almost at the same time. Facebook is reviewing the post and once given the green light, it will reach more people. Any type of contribution can be highlighted - be it video, images, short messages or links to a website.
  • control. Once published, you will have the option to manage your post. For example, you could shorten the duration of the boost or highlight a different post instead.
  • Access to Analytics. Thanks to Facebook Insights, you get a detailed overview of the performance of your boosted posts. Go to the “Insights” tab and click on “Posts. From here, you'll see information about your posts - including featured ones - in terms of reach, clicks, reactions, comments, and shares. You also have the option to boost your other posts (if you haven't already).

Check out this video from the Hootsuite Academy to summarize why it pays to boost your top performing content.

The functions of Facebook Boost

What is a Boosted Post on Facebook?

It is up to you which contributions you want to boost. You can boost almost anything, be it announcements, promotions or calls to action. Then focus on these three main variables:

  1. target group: Choose who you want to reach with your boosted post. Choose by age, gender, place of residence and interests. With the “People selected via audience settings” option, you can select a specific audience based on existing contacts, or lookalike audiences based on people who have already shown interest in your Facebook page.
  2. budget: You have full control over how much you want to spend. The costs also depend on the duration of the application for a grant.
  3. Duration: Determine the period for which you want to promote the contribution. Whether only for a day, a week or until you switch off the advertising yourself.

How to boost a Facebook post

1. Select the post that you want to promote.

You can either promote and highlight a new post or an already published post. If you want to write a new post and advertise it directly, click the gray button.

bonus: Learn from our step-by-step guide how to create a social media strategy and optimize your social media presence with Hootsuite.

To the free guide

If you would like to highlight an already published post, click on the blue button in the lower right corner of the post. Alternatively, you can use the Insights tab to see a list of all your posts that have already been published. Behind each of these posts is the Boost Post button.

2. Choose your target audience

After you have clicked on “Boost Post” or “Apply”, you will be redirected to the target group settings. By default, you can choose to include only people who have subscribed to your Facebook page - or all current followers and their friends.


For most businesses, however, it makes more sense to create custom audiences. Click on "Create new target group" and enter your criteria such as location, gender, age, interests, etc.

3. Set your budget

Now that you've defined your target audience, it's time to set your budget for the campaign. Since your audience is already constrained, you will get a realistic estimate of how many people you can reach with each budget option. The minimum budget is 1.00 euros per day.

4. Set the time period

Next, decide how long you want your campaign to run. In the standard settings you can choose between one, seven or 14 days. Alternatively, you can choose a specific date on which the campaign should end.

5. Preview the post

Always take the time to check the text and pictures of your contribution to be advertised. Make sure that there are no spelling mistakes in the text, that all links work, and that the images in the preview have the desired effect. This is your last chance to change the post before it goes live.

6. Select a payment method

Facebook accepts pretty much all major payment methods. All you need to do is enter your details in the appropriate fields (if you have not already saved them on Facebook).

7. Promote your post

Now you are ready to give your contribution a boost. All posts on Facebook are checked prior to publication. The publication can therefore be delayed a little. You can see the status of your advertised contributions in the Ad Manager in the "Delivery" column.

Facebook Boost Tips

We have some tips for you on how to get the most from your campaigns advertised on Facebook.

  • A clear objective. Would you like to increase your traffic or the number of likes on your Facebook page? Or is it primarily about brand awareness? When you know your goal, you can base your posts on it and clearly measure your successes.
  • Experiment with different audiences. Play out your advertised contributions to different target groups and observe how they react to them. For example, you can segment your audience based on location or based on age to see which parameters seem most effective for your brand.
  • Be as specific as possible in your audience vote. Limit the parameters as much as possible. The more specific your posts are, the more relevant they are to the people who see them.
  • Don't advertise the same posts for too long. According to Facebook, even successfully advertised posts show a drop in performance after around a week. So avoid a longer term if possible.
  • Compare different posts, including different types of content, different audiences, and different durations. The more reviews you can compare, the more you'll learn what works (and what doesn't) for your brand. With this information, you will be able to create much more effective posts in the future.
  • Use Hootsuite Boostto automatically promote your posts. Hootsuite users can easily promote posts that have done particularly well, and not only that: Boost does the work and automatically determines which of the published posts are particularly performing. Boost also takes care of promoting the content automatically: you only have to define rules based on your most important key figures. Boost is built right into the Hootsuite platform: you can manage organic and paid activities from a single dashboard.

The Facebook Boosts can help you reach thousands of people who would otherwise never hear about your brand. And all of this is relatively cheap. If you want to get more out of your campaigns - be it getting new followers or increasing website traffic - Facebook Boost is one of the best ways to do that.

Save time, reach larger audiences, and get the most out of your advertising budget by automatically boosting your top performing Facebook posts from the Hootsuite dashboard.

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By Jayson DeMers

Jayson is the Founder & CEO of AudienceBloom, a Seattle-based content marketing agency. He also writes for Forbes, Entrepreneur, NBC, and more.