What is the harvest festival


A crown decorated with fruits in a Catholic church in Lower Austria.

Thanksgiving is a festival in autumn. In Christianity, believers thank God for the harvest of the year. The food harvested from agriculture primarily includes fruits and grains. At a Thanksgiving festival, artfully prepared food is often carried through the town or placed in the church. After a service, these goods are usually distributed to people in need.

Thanksgiving is not only known to Christians. In other cultures and religions, too, thank you for favorable weather and a good harvest, for example at the Matsuri festival in Japan. In Judaism there is the Sukkot festival in autumn. Related festivals are also fair or church fairs and wine festivals, at which fresh wine is offered. These festivals also mainly take place in autumn.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the harvest festivals fall between the end of September and the beginning of October. They are mainly found in areas where most of the people belong to the Catholic Church, but also in areas where most of the people are Protestants.

A few weeks later, on a Thursday at the end of November, the people of the United States have a great Thanksgiving Day. They call it “Thanksgiving” in English, which means: Fänksgiwing. On this day everyone is free so that they can celebrate with the family in the evening. Relatives often travel from afar. They usually eat a dish with meat from the turkey and with potatoes or pumpkin. Before that, thank you for the meal with a prayer at the table. The following day, Black Friday, many Americans take time off to shop for gifts for Christmas.

  • Thanksgiving Day with Thanksgiving Crown

  • An American family celebrates Thanksgiving

  • Roast turkey is usually part of American Thanksgiving

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