Why are cats so picky about food

Do you have a picky cat?

Cats have a reputation for being very picky. Therefore, you shouldn't worry if your cat doesn't eat everything you put in front of her. However, this behavior is not innate, but mostly learned.

Even if you think your cat needs a varied diet, it would be satisfied with the same food for life. In terms of composition, however, it should be a balanced diet.

Cats eat slowly

You may think that your cat is very picky. But mostly she just takes a lot of time for her meals. Many cats prefer to nibble and prefer to eat small bites every now and then. Just because she doesn't eat the whole bowl at once doesn't mean she doesn't like the food.

My cat is not eating enough

There are many reasons for inadequate eating. Sometimes cats refuse to eat because they get too many treats in between. So here are the questions you should ask yourself: Do you often reward your cat? Is she getting food from the table? If so, you should remove these bonus pieces first. Your cat will complain at first, but will eventually give in and eat the food from its bowl again.

Also, make sure that your cat is not being rewarded by a neighbor or other family member. Because if one doesn’t join in, your cat will continue to eat uncomfortably.

Did you keep feeding your kitten new types of food as it grew? Then you shouldn't be surprised by the high demands. Your cat will think that you will always do it this way! If your cat has you well under control, and you give her a choice - so open several cans at each meal to see which your cat prefers - she will continue to be picky about food.

With these tips, your cat will soon be eating what you want:

  • Only give your cat food for half an hour.
  • If you don't eat it, take it away.
  • Repeat this until she eats properly.

Perhaps after a day or two, your cat will start begging for extra treats. Don't give in! Your cat is sure not to starve - it just uses charm to get what it wants. Incidentally, the changeover can take a few weeks. But after this sometimes exhausting time, your cat will certainly no longer be a fussy eater.

The change to other food

The cat food should always be changed gradually. First mix some of the new food with the old one and increase the proportion with each meal. In the end, your cat will only eat the new food.

When to see the vet

So fussy eating is not necessarily abnormal. However, if your cat's behavior suddenly changes in this direction, you should pay a visit to the vet. Even heavy weight loss should be a warning to you. In some cases, too picky eating can also be a side effect of a disease, such as dental problems, digestive disorders or hairballs.