Are Lancer Tactical Budget AEGs worth buying

Good Morning all,

Since I have chosen the topic of airsoft as a new hobby, I, as a newcomer, need some feedback from you.

1. How old am I?


2. What is my budget?


3. Can I increase my budget in the foreseeable future?

At first this should be enough, but it can be increased.

4. What kind of weapon do I want (assault rifle, sniper rifle, pistol, etc.)?

Assault rifle

5. Which model is suitable?


6. Which type of drive do I prefer (gas, CO², electricity, spring pressure, etc.)?


7. How important are the following characteristics to me (1 - less important - 5 very important)?

a) full metal 2
b) Precision 5
c) Range 4
d) Availability of spare parts 4
e) Availability of tuning parts 4
f) Original markings 1
g) Quality of the installed parts 4
h) Accuracy of fit of original or add-on parts 3

8. Which muzzle energy do I want? Minimum and maximum values.

About 1.4 - 1.6

9. What kind of extras (sleeve system, dual power, supplied extras)?


10. Should my weapon match a representation? If yes, which?


11. I still have the following questions:


Actually, I'm looking for a weapon that is suitable for beginners, if possible initially playable out of the box, but which should not be discarded immediately when you have gained more experience and then serve as an alternative.

Gun size should be the healthy middle, no CBQ version, but also no extra long barrel. I am 1.98 m tall!

The subject of weapon tuning really appeals to me, even if it may not make sense for a beginner, I would like to keep the option open.

Basically you can say that I am looking for a decent weapon with good tuning potential.

If any information is missing, just report it.