Who were some of Jesus' friends?

Luke 24: 13-35
Hope for all

Jesus meets two disciples on the way to Emmaus (Mark 16: 12-13)

13 On the same day two disciples went to Emmaus, a village eleven kilometers from Jerusalem. 14 On the way they talked to each other about the events of the past few days. 15 While they were talking and thinking, Jesus himself came and went with them. 16 But they - as if struck with blindness - did not recognize him.[a]

17 "What are you talking about?" Asked Jesus. The disciples stopped sad 18 and Cleopas, one of the two, remarked with astonishment: "You are probably the only one in Jerusalem who knows nothing about the events of the last days." 19 "What do you think?" Asked Jesus.

"What happened to Jesus from Nazareth," replied the disciples. “He was a prophet God sent. Everyone in the people could see this by their powerful words and deeds. 20 But our chief priests and the other members of the high council handed him over to the Romans. He was sentenced to death and then nailed to the cross. 21 We had hoped that he would be the God promised Savior who would deliver Israel.

Three days have passed since then. 22 And then this morning we got very worried by some women who are with us. They had gone to the grave before sunrise; 23 but the body of Jesus was no longer there. The women came back and said that angels had appeared to them and said, "Jesus is alive!" 24 Some of us ran straight to the grave. In fact, everything was just as the women had reported. But they did not see Jesus. "

25 Then Jesus said to them: “How little you understand! Why is it so difficult for you to believe everything the prophets have said? 26 Didn't the God-chosen Savior have to suffer all of this before God made him the Supreme Lord[b]27 Then Jesus explained to them what was said about him throughout the scriptures - from the books of Moses to the prophets.

28 They were close to Emmaus now, and Jesus pretended to go on. 29 Therefore the disciples urged him: “Stay with us overnight! It's late and getting dark. ”So he went into the house with them. 30 When Jesus sat down to eat with them, he took the bread, thanked God for it, broke it into pieces, and gave it to them. 31 Their eyes were opened: it was Jesus. But at the same moment he disappeared and they could no longer see him.

32 They said to each other: "Wasn't it deeply moving when he spoke to us on the way and explained the Holy Scriptures to us?"

33 Without wasting time, they set out and returned to Jerusalem. There the eleven disciples and other friends of Jesus were together. 34 They were greeted by them with the words: “The Lord has indeed risen! He showed himself to Simon! " 35 Now the two told what had happened on the way to Emmaus and that they had recognized their master when he broke the bread into pieces.

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