How do I fix peeling paint

The paint on the wall is peeling off: causes and countermeasures

Why is my old wall paint peeling?

Older paintwork that has lasted for many years suggests that something has changed in the wall. Perhaps moisture has collected inside, which, together with the associated efflorescence, is pushing the paint off the wall.

It can also be due to the fact that there are simply too many layers of paint on the wall and the different voltages lead to flaking over the years. Take a close look at the wall, feel it and, if necessary, use a moisture meter.

You can no longer save the peeling paint on the wall, but you can save the wall! Damage caused by moisture must urgently be repaired to prevent mold from forming, but the old coating should definitely give way.

Remove scrolling wall paint: that's how it works!

A peeling wall paint must be removed, it can normally no longer be consolidated. Especially if the wall already has too many layers of paint on it, it is no longer possible to repaint without removing the old paint.

Depending on the degree of difficulty and strength of the adhesive, work with the following tools and equipment to get the paint off the wall:

  • Hand spatula
  • Wire brush
  • Sanding sponge
  • Grinder
  • Milling machine
  • Hot air dryer

When doing this work, protect your eyes and respiratory tract with an appropriate protective mask and protective goggles. This prevents dust and splinters from getting into your lungs or other sensitive areas.

The freshly painted wall paint is peeling off - what now?

If a freshly painted wall paint starts to peel off, something is wrong with the surface. It was either too absorbent or not enough absorbent, too smooth, too moist or too crumbly. The problem with the too numerous layers of paint can also come into play here.

So you rejoiced too early and should at least remove the wall paint from the flaking areas in order to then prepare the substrate accordingly for the repainting.

If only a small area is affected by the peeling of the wall paint, stick an adhesive tape on the areas that are still adhering and pull it off at a steep angle with one jerk. This is how you can find out if there are any other vulnerabilities.
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