What is a multi-node instance cluster

Enterprise Services configuration



SurnameFriendly name of the service in the system.PathPath to the service .exe file. In the standard without folder - just .exe. This is then automatically assumed to be in the \ sys \ folder.ParametersOptional start parameters for a service.Root portBasis TCP / IP port of the respective service. See also services and ports.Instances

Number of instances which should be started by the service.

Note that not every service is instance capable. In addition, additional licenses are required depending on the service.

Cluster cabableIndicates whether the service can be distributed over several instance clusters or whether this supports this technologically.ActiveActivates or deactivates the service.


Report errorsIn addition to the ENTERPRISE Daemon basic settings (ENTERPRISE configuration), error monitoring for this service can be individually regulated here.Report warningsSee Report errors - warnings only.


Description of the service.


At this point you can define on which cluster node (example node 1) how many instances of the service are to be executed. See also the Cluster capable parameter.


The times when the service should be available are marked in the grid shown here. Outside the markings, the service will shut down.

Manage uptimeActivates the uptime management.Primary instance always upDetermines whether the primary instance (InstanceId 0) should never be shut down. This option is relevant in connection with the dispatcher mode of some services.