Why is Apple discounting the iPhone XR

Apple is constantly making iPhone XR and XS promotions cheaper - in return for old devices

After all, it's about the main business: Apple is currently countering the decline in sales of the iPhone with astonishingly aggressive advertising measures. Like the colleagues from iPhone-Ticker.de has now been noticed, the group has permanently activated a discount campaign with which the iPhone XR is available from 580 euros and the iPhone XS from 880 euros.

No longer just "for a limited time"

If, according to Apple information on the website, the action was previously only valid "for a limited time", this wording has now been completely deleted - including in the small print. This suggests that the company has no plans to ditch marketing tech anytime soon. Apparently the approach works, even if Apple no longer communicates iPhone sales figures.

The discount is a trade-in for older devices. For example, if you own an iPhone 7 Plus and give it to Apple, you will receive the said prices. When you hand in an iPhone 7, the XR costs 600 euros, the XS 900 euros.

All the way down to the iPhone 6

IPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6 and 6 Plus are also accepted as trade-ins. Here the iPhone XR costs between 680 and 720 euros, the XS between 980 and 1020 euros. Apple takes a closer look at the devices sold - the discount can therefore also be lower. "The exchange values ​​vary depending on the condition, age and configuration of the exchanged device. The value online and in the store can also vary," writes the company.

Apple pays 850 euros as standard for the cheapest iPhone XR without a discount, and at least 1150 euros for the XS. However, some of the devices are available in stores (see heise.de price comparison), which is why you should always check whether the trade-in is worthwhile at all. There is also the option of using alternative service providers for trade-in if Apple's offer is deemed too low.