A student who has passed 12 can give KVPY

What are the scholarships I can get after completing 12th grade?

1. Loreal India - For young women in science scholarships

Purpose- Scholarship is only for
Female students who are studying natural sciences / medicine /
Engineering / biotechnology or any other scientific field Award - Cash Rs 2.5 lakh for each girl Eligibility to participate - 85% PCM / PCB, family income less than 4
Lakh per year Apply - Mail, online Canditature: June, July, month Source:http://www.foryoungwomeninscience.com/BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/LIFYW

2. Passed Central Sector Scheme Scholarship for Grade 12
Science, Commerce and Art students

A total of -84,000 scholarships (50% for girls and boys
each) Award - Final course: Rs 10,000 per year for 3 years,
Master Class: Rs 20,000 per year for the next 2 years. Apply - Online, postal activity - August, September BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/CSSS

3. INSPIRE scholarship for board performers in grade 12 (Top1
Percentile), performance in JEE Mains, Advance, NEET, KVPY, NTSE, IMO etc.
Selection exams.

A total of - 10,000 scholarships - Annual scholarship totaling Rs. 80,000 up to
Course completion Apply -Online, Post Activity - September October BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/INSPIRE

4. Indian Oil Academic Scholarship for grades 10, 12 passed

A total of -2600 scholarships awarded - Rs 1000 per month course -10 + / ITI, Engineering & MBBS, MBA Apply -On-line- activity - August September BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/IOAS

5th AICTE Girls' Scholarship Program (SSGC)

Award - 4000 scholarships, up to Rs 50,000 per year. purpose - Promotion of technical training (Engg,
Architecture, pharmacy, applied arts etc). Eligibility - One girl per family, Class 12 (PCM / B), passed By post, e- Mail address:http://www.aicte-india.orgBUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/ASSGC

6. GP Birla educational grants

Award - Rs 50,000 per year Eligibility - Grade 12 passed, 80% + points in status
Board, or 85% in the central board, or have secured rank in the top 150,000 in
AIEEE / JEE / AIPMT- course - Natural sciences, humanities, engineering sciences,
Medicine, architecture, commerce or law - after completing the Activity - June July BUDDY4STUDY LINK -http://www.b4s.in/UID/GBES

7. Sahu Jain Trust Loan Scholarship

Purpose- Pursuit Non-Refundable Scholarship
Graduation and post-graduation in all subjects. Award - financial support, certificates Eligibility - Degree / postgraduate degree in Engg,
Medical, MBA Apply- By post Activity- March to July 20th Source:http: //sahujaintrust.timesofindiā€¦BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/SJTES

8. Credit point means a scholarship for students from minorities

Purpose - Financial support for the poor
and deserving minority students to enable them to do so
complete professional and technical courses 25,000 to 30,000 Rupees per year Eligibility - Passed grade 12, graduates of Muslim,
Christians, Parsis, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jain community On-line- activityapply for - June to September Source:http://minorityaffairs.gov.in/Scā€¦BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/MSSFM

9. FAEA scholarship

purpose - Ensuring social justice for students
Belonging to socially and economically disadvantaged parts of society.
It enables economically and socially disadvantaged students to study at the university
Institutions that achieve academic excellence have access to power structures
and economic opportunity. Award - University scholarship Eligibility - Passed grade 12, finished in first year Canditature - On-line, Postal activity - May, June (June 30) Source:http://www.faeaindia.org/StudentInfo.aspBUDDY4STUDY LINK-http: // http://www.b4s.in/UID/FAEA

10. RD Sethna Loan Grant 2014

Purpose - individuals to empower their aims to pursue
academic interests and career. The loan grants are granted to cover fees,
both books and lessons. Award - financial, certificates Eligibility - Grade 12 passed Canditature - by post, personally Activity - April to August Source:http://www.rdsethnascholarships.orgBUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/RDSS

11. Postgraduate scholarship for minority students

Purpose - Support to minority community students for
Studying at a state or private secondary school / university /
University. And technical and professional courses in industrial training
Institutes / industrial training centers affiliated to the National Council
for vocational training (NCVT) in grades 11 and 12. Price- Educational Scholarship of Rs. 9,300 to Rs
13,800 per year Eligibility - Class 11, 12, 12+ of Muslims, Sikhs,
Christians, Buddhists and Zoroastrians (Parsis), family income less than Rs. 2
lakh Apply- Online, mail Activity August September Source:http://www.momascholarship.gov.in/BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/PMSMC

12. Maulana Azad National Scholarship for Girls from Minority Communities

The special purpose grant is awarded for each subject
offered by School / College for Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Parsis
Girls in grades 11 & 12 Award Cash scholarship of Rs 12,000 Eligibility- Grade 11 girls Apply- On-line- Deadline 30. September Source:http://maef.nic.in/BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/ UID / MANSMG

13. Gaurav Foundation Scholarship

Award -Rs.20000-2 lakhs Eligibility to participate -11 years -35 years, all students Apply -E-mail deadline -September to November BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/GFMS

14. The tGELF Khemka domestic scholarships 2014

Eligibility - Passed grade 12 Apply - online Course - All undergraduate courses Activity - June July BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/TTKDS

15th North South Foundation (NSF) Scholarship 2014-15

Award - Rs 5000 to 12000 per year Eligibility - Grade 12 consisted of students in the top 10%
Board & Exams, Family Income is less than equal to Rs 65,000 Apply -Online, by post- course - Professional courses such as engineering,
Medicine and technical college in a government academy Deadline - September BUDDY4STUDY LINK -http://www.b4s.in/uid/NSF

16th Nirmaan Scholarship and Mentoring Program (NSMP)

Award - Tuition fee until the end of the course Eligibility - Passed grade 12, merit with
MeansApply-Online, By post course - Professional courses such as engineering,
Medicine and technical college in a government academy Deadline -June July BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/NSMP

17. AICTE scholarships for DA students 2014

Award - 1000 scholarships, up to Rs 50,000 per year. purpose - Providing financial support for
the DA students to promote technical training (Engg., architecture, pharmacy,
applied arts, etc.) at the final and diploma level. Eligibility - Annual family income of parents should
must be less than 6.0 lakh and the student must be in the first year. Apply - By post, email Activity - October Source:http://www.aicte-india.orgBUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/ASDA

18. Hamdard Educational

Purpose - Financial support for
Students pursuing vocational training in technical and professional courses Award - Grants Eligibility - Passed grade 12 Canditature - by mail, personal Activity - June July Source:http://www.hamdardnationalfoundation.org/BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http: // www .b4s.in / UID / HAMDARD

19. Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council, SHDF Scholarship

Purpose - Assisting the students in the persecution
professional diploma, diploma or postgraduate courses Engineering, architecture,
Information technology, computer science, medicine, nursing, pharmacology, home
Science, education, business, agriculture, and animal husbandry
How Awarded Rs 27,000 per year, Class 12 PassedApply By post activity March April Source:http://nishkam.in/Buddy4Study Linkhttp://www.b4s.in/UID/NSWCS

20. Trust Fund Scholarships for the Disabled

Purpose - The aim of the program is
Financial support for students with disabilities to empower them
to complete and receive professional or technical courses at recognized institutes
employed / self-employed Award - 2500 scholarships from 25,000 to 30,000 rupees
per year and other benefits Eligibility- Professional and technical courses,
Family income less than Rs 3 lakhs per year. Apply- On-line- Activity- Year-round application Source:http://www.nhfdc.nic.in/schemesBUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/TFSFD

Passed 21st CBSE Single Girl Child Scholarship for Grade 10
only girl of her parents.

Award - Rs 500 per month for 2 years course -Class 11 & 12 study Apply -On-line- activity - August September BUDDY4STUDY LINK-http://www.b4s.in/UID/CMSSGC

22. Udaan program to give wings to female students

Award - Providing free online resources for girls
Students and financial support Eligibility - Class 11 (PCM) On-line- activityapply for - July August Buddy4Study link -http://www.b4s.in/UID/UDAAN

23. Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship Program

Price- Tuition fee for a year or a full course
of graduation or Postgraduate qualification - 12. Passed students Apply - After graduation Activity - September Buddy4Study link -http://www.b4s.in/UID/NRSS

24. JM Sethia Merit Scholarship Scheme

Award - Up to Rs.700 / - for a maximum of 3 years Eligibility - Grade 9 to 12, graduation ceremony, graduation ceremony Canditature - By post Activity - July Buddy4Study link -http://www.b4s.in/UID/JMSMSS

25th Popular Front of India Loan Scholarship

Award Loan grant Eligibility- Grade 12. Passed Apply- Online, by email, by post Activity- July Buddy4Study Link-http: //www.b4s.in/UID/PFOILS

26. Foundation for Excellence Scholarship

Award - Eligibility for a grant Freshmen in Engg , MBBS Apply - Online, by mail Activity - July Buddy4Study link -http://www.b4s.in/UID/FFES