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Falk Schacht chooses ... The ten best German rap songs of the last 20 years


Hip-hop fan, hip-hop observer, hip-hop philosopher: Falk Schacht has been part of German rap culture for years and is an expert in spoken singing. He has put together his ten favorite tracks from the last 20 years for us.

From: Falk Schacht

Status: 01/19/2018 | archive

Aggro Berlin? VDSZBUZ? There was something! Falk Schacht rummaged through the record boxes for us and put together his favorite German rap songs from the last 20 years. A look at a time when hip hop broke into the German mainstream.

1. West Berlin masculine - the point

In this song, Kool Savas & Taktloss explained in an extremely ignorant manner why they understood how the game works and you did not. You can do it like that. Fun fact: If you didn't know better, you'd think the two were under contract with Fler's label "Masculin". Check out the lingo!

2. DJ Lifeforce & Scope - Federal Rap-Publik-Toyland

In a nutshell: Scope, if you're reading this. Please do a solo album!

When you consider that it all started with the flowerpot "My Block", you have to smile. Everyone knows the song here, nobody knows Blumentopf's version, and Azad's song "Mein Block" also remained unknown.

4. Megaloh feat. Stieber Twins - Dr. Cooper (Stieber Remix)

This beat is so funky and it blows everything away. The Stieber Twins have managed to go down in German rap annals with very little output. You have to imitate that first.

5. Huss & Hodn - porn movie cheese

The song comes from the album "Now you're ashamed of yourself". And yes, Retrogott is a bit ashamed of this song today. Especially for some homophobic lines, which, thank God, he still changes live during performances.

6. Bushido - Sunbed Flavor

What was not written about this song back then. Why is Eko Fresh a tanning bed cleaner in the video? Did he write the text? Was MFG an inspiration from the Fanta 4? What does the text mean? In the end: It doesn't matter. It became an evergreen.

7. Arrest warrant - get the monkeys out of the zoo

Haftbefehl had hits before, but his beats were typical street synth beats. On these tracks, his producer remembered the 90s sound and made Hafti immortal.

8. KIZ - monkey & horse

Sample Pippi Longstocking? You have to come up with the idea first - and have the courage to implement it. There is also a text with lousy punches, but anyone can rap it. hot!

When an emo rapper and an employed A&R of the major label Universal are a little bored - what are they doing? An EP where they pretend they're rappers. In doing so, they completely dismantle Rap Germany in a short time. I hope they'll make another album !!!

Many do not like them, many do not understand them. Your art seems too exhausting, too strange. But that is exactly the strength of Haiyti. Being different, not being able to categorize. Even if she opens a window to her soul life in this song, she seems weak, but at the same time stronger than ever.

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