How to find a pen pal

Find a pen pal

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    What should your ideal pen pal be like? Where should he be from? How old should he be? Should it be a pen pal? Be flexible about the location and, if you are a child, find someone who is only two years older or younger than you. If you're an adult, five years of difference is okay too. There is a lot to learn from a pen pal, so think about what you want to learn.

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    Get in touch with others who share your hobby. With the profiles, pay attention to what users like to do in order to find someone who shares your interests. You can also choose someone with completely different hobbies so that you can learn something new from each other.

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    Try to learn more about the country and improve your language skills. Find a part of the world that you've always been curious about, but that you've never visited. A pen pal can give you a personal insight into a country that you can't get any other way. Many people choose pen pals who live far away and speak a different language, which is an important consideration when choosing the person. Make sure you and your pen pal understand each other by using a common language. Pen pals are great for learning and practicing new languages, so find someone who speaks a language that you want to learn or understand better.

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    See pen pals as a kind of community service. Often there are older users who still want to build friendships at their age. Writing with them will not only help you find a friend from another generation, but you will also help someone in need of a friend.

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    Refine your search.Most pen pal sites have many search options that allow you to explore many opportunities for new pen pals. At Global Pen Friends, for example, there is a search engine into which you can enter a few parameters.
    • In the simple search at Global Pen Friends you can select gender, age, country, province and city and enter whether you only want to search for profiles with pictures and registered postal addresses.
    • There are even more options in the advanced search, such as race, religion, hobbies, language and whether you want to communicate by snail mail or electronically.
    • Be flexible in your search as it may be difficult to find the ideal pen pal. Look for pen pals with different interests and experiences, as this can often teach you a lot from the conversations. [6]
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    Check out the site's guidelines to find out how to get in touch. When you find an interesting pen pal, you can add them as a friend via the page or send them a message. Don't fixate on them before they text you back to avoid setbacks. Paid websites often only let you send you an initial message or smiley, so set up premium membership if you want to keep in touch.

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    Keep your first contact short, casual, and friendly. Write something about yourself and the reason you are writing. For example, write: "I'm at school in Berlin in Germany and want to make friends abroad who like botany." Don't give too much information out so that you can decide if it's the right pen pal before giving out your address.