How do I start investing in Canada

I'm just starting my career - I wonder how I can "make my money work for me" [closed]

It really depends a lot on you and how much time you invest.

Because you say you want your money For She's working, I assume you want as little trouble as possible.

Some general tips:

Save a fixed percentage of your monthly income

Don't try to save "when you have money left", you'll just somehow spend it.

Invest for the long term - don't act

Don't try to beat the market - it will just take too much time and, statistically, you will end up making less.


If you invest in the company / industry you work in, you will be doubly screwed if the sector goes down (lose job + savings at the same time).

Ideally, you should invest in something that will benefit when the company you work for goes badly.

Pay off high interest debt

Usually, debts have a higher interest rate than any safe investment you can make.

Spending money to save / make money

Sometimes the best investment you can make is in things that will save you money in the long run. For example, buy an apartment close to work (less transportation costs) or buy a more expensive car that will save you money on gasoline, insurance, etc.


These are really good tips, I've never thought about hedging the way you explained. And yes, I look for as little "trouble" as possible - what should I do with my money? Should I be looking at things like mutual funds and pension funds? (I really don't know how either work - I just "heard" things.) Thanks again!


Find out what retirement programs you can get through the company. Check that they match your balance.


I would recommend most people stay away from managed funds and choose an index fund instead. Most of the time, the reduced fees make up for the slightly lower returns, and you don't run the risk of bad investors running the fund. Also, find out about the age / savings programs available in your country. Some could have good tax breaks.