How to do a homemade tattoo

Make tattoos yourself with children

Tattoos - quickly painted, quickly washed off

A real tattoo is for life

Because you can never get rid of a real tattoo. But if you only want a little gimmick, you don't have to stay colorless: Instead of inoculating ink under the skin, you can simply paint it on. It looks just as good and, luckily, is easy to wash off. It is called "Temptu", composed of the English term "temporary tattoo", which means: temporary tattoo.

GEOlino will show you a few tricks on how to best apply these "forgeries" and which colors are particularly suitable. We also have a couple of motive suggestions ready for you to trace. Suitable for the carnival party - or as an eye-catcher for the school yard.

Tattoo pens, body liners and water make-up

If your skin jewelry should only last for a costume party, you can use water make-up. This is applied with a brush and some water, just like the colors from the ink box. You can even mix colors yourself. This make-up can be easily removed with soap and water.

So-called tattoo pens last for one to two days. Wash them off with soap and water. However, the colors are often a bit too squeaky to pass for real tattoos.

The closest to these are Temptu Body Liner. With good care - among other things, the painting must be covered with baby powder before going to bed or showering - the color will stay on the skin for up to a week.

That has its price: Such a pen costs around 10 euros and can only be bought in special shops for professional make-up. The other colors cost significantly less; you can get them in good stationery stores.

The printing technique

So any shape can be applied to the skin - mirror-inverted! Incidentally, it works better with two people: one person paints, one person is painted.

You need:

  • Greaseproof paper
  • a very soft pencil
  • Spirit or rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton wool or toilet paper
  • a motif template

1. Lay a piece of greaseproof paper on the desired motif and trace it through with the pencil.

2. Soak cotton wool or toilet paper with alcohol and rub the area you want to tattoo with it - generously so that the skin stays moist.

3. Then you press the sandwich paper with the painted side on it. Make sure that it doesn't wrinkle or slip.

4. When you peel off the paper again, the pencil lines stay on the skin. You paint these outlines with a color of your choice.

The stencil technique

Practical: You only need a steady hand when cutting out. When painting, almost nothing can go wrong.

You need:

  • self-adhesive book cover film
  • a waterproof pen
  • Cutter or craft scissors
  • a motif template

1. Place a suitable piece of the foil on the motif and trace it through with the waterproof pen.

2. Carefully cut out the outline and then stick the piece of film flat on the upper arm, lower leg or wherever you want the "tattoo" to adorn you.

Remember to degrease the skin area with soap and water beforehand, otherwise the color will not hold up as well.

3. Color the stencil with a color of your choice, let it dry briefly and then carefully remove the foil - done!