What happened to Henri Desire Landru

Woman murderer Landru: 250 human bones were found in the furnace

When Henri Désiré Landru was around 30 years old, something must have happened to him. Until then, the son of a Parisian ironworker and a seamstress had led a rather unspectacular life, had married his cousin and had four children with her. However, after he was discharged from the army, he decided that he would no longer live his life properly. First he tried cheating, then murder, serial murder, of women.

Landru knew what he was doing. His teachers praised his eagerness to learn. After school he found a job in an architecture firm. In the army he made it to the rank of non-commissioned officer. But after saying goodbye around 1900, he pretended to be a furniture dealer and garage owner and tried to make quicker money with scams. That brought him to court a total of seven times by 1912.

Landru had already tried it with women for the first time in 1908. In exchange for the promise to marry her, he coaxed 1500 francs from a certain Madame Izoret. The victim was resolute enough to report this, which earned Landru a three-year prison term. When he committed another wedding fraud after his release, the outbreak of World War I saved him from prison. While most of the men his age moved to the front, he went into hiding in Paris. In absentia he was sentenced to deportation.