Narcissists usually end the relationship

This is the cruel way that narcissists end their relationship with their victim.

The narcissist is the greatest manipulator there is in our society. He lacks compassion and empathy and therefore doesn't care when it comes to breaking someone's heart and leaving them. If you're in a relationship with a narcissist, you may have a rough idea of ​​how things will turn out when they break up with you.

It won't be pleasant and you don't have to hope that you will part on good terms. What can happen Here are 7 ways a narcissist will leave you:

1. He blames you for the breakup

A narcissist will never make himself stand out as the bad guy. He wants others to think he's a good person. Therefore, he will hold his partner responsible for the breakup and blame him for everything so that he can protect his grandiose ego and image. Your narcissist will list all the reasons why they had to break up with you. He will try to make it clear to you that you are to blame for everything and that there was no other way out for him. Read Also (How To Overcome A Narcissist's Smear Campaign)

2. He goes into an on-off relationship

The narcissist knows you love him, otherwise you wouldn't have endured so much and you wouldn't have stayed with him for so long. Therefore, he will use your dependence on him as a weapon to manipulate you. If he wants to return to you, he will give you the attention you want from him and bring you back, only to end up dropping you again as soon as you confess your love to him. This is how he achieves his goal - which is to control you and feel good about himself. It increases his self-esteem when he realizes how much he has you in his hand and that he has the opportunity to return to you at any time if he wants to.

3. He talks badly behind your back

Making your partner look bad in front of other people is a common escape game for narcissists. He'll do anything to degrade you and drag your name in the dirt because he wants everyone you know to look like they're the good guy and you're the bad guy. He doesn't want to destroy his "perfect" image, so he'll give a shit about your image and present you like an unstable, crazy person. He will gossip about you and, above all, tell your mutual friends all the things that you have told him in confidence. But not only that! He will also make up things about you that are not right at all, just so that his own image is pushed and he can distract from his mistakes. Read Also (10 Manipulation Methods Narcissists Use To Get Inside Your Head)

4. He's ghosting you

When a narcissist decides that they no longer want to be with you, they will just let go of you and ignore you. He will suddenly disappear from your life, maybe without even wasting a word on why he wants to leave you. You can't find him as he ignores your calls and messages. He seems to have been swallowed by the ground. He's that bad and doesn't care about your feelings!

5. He replaces you with someone else

When a narcissist leaves his partner, it is usually because he has found someone to replace his partner with. The narcissist is addicted to attention and confirmation that they cannot go without a partner for very long. His troubled and twisted personality always longs for more. This is why a narcissist usually already has a new option in mind, even though the old relationship still exists. In this way, he can determine that he can safely break up and move straight to the next partnership.

6. He uses the "hot-cold technique"

It's the famous hot and cold technique that narcissists use to get you addicted to them. They will hurt your feelings by loving you one day and then pretending that you don't exist or have no value to them the next. Your narcissist will in one day compliment you and tell you that he loves you even though he recently broke up. And you will believe that he wants you back, but as soon as you feel safe, he will let you down again. Don't let him do this to you. Protect you and your heart. Read also (These 5 sentences are used by narcissists to distract guilt from themselves)

7. He destroys you

You know yourself that you have a weakness for him and that is exactly what he knows. Therefore, he will break up with you just to hurt you. He wants to see you on the ground to feel better about himself. That's how bad they are. Don't let them destroy you. Be the first to break up and draw a line. Leave him before he tears you and your heart to pieces.