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Model Test 12 Hueber German exam

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pp ‘Assign the appropriate clauses A-J to texts 1-5. There is only one oversize reading per text. EXAMPLE: (0) If you want to learn well, you have to eat. SOLUTION: The Oberscheift goes with Tet 2. More visitors than in Jor 20% in Dewan from 1998 mer Peaches Die Kine in right the Kasenchagé Tan ”TU PETERIT et Di a oe ene ean: Ran ie Beta abd tani already 130 times det Des esten a nen osenlse | wet Kine, Die een ohare gene ache bea Finbeod. \ _ fete lo Spendenaiting beret elven in 50 children 2u cooking, ‘Why is it allowed to eat a schuine in Germany, but eaten a wick? Slt 1986 bt ws veroten, dogs for, IE ene = Ten to twenty percent of all students go to school without breakfast and do not eat between lessons. The result is difficult to concentrate. ‘Citing and learning problems, in addition to the Frihstick 2a home fordem food knowledge. That's why a little meal time at school: for example, a sandwich and a banana, the majority of people in Germany are working and | You leave the house in front of your children in the morning, so there is often no need to take care of the breakfast, but also almost have a drink. After this alarming questioning, doctors from the Universitit Kan, Bel ener survey of over 2500 KanerSehaler was discovered that frightening about the contact with the designer | Lugendlche better about drug tt hott indicate, | ere he Moderope ‘estasyautzuhliren, take them regularly. These young people smoke ezo 1mcoe> \ Verzehr 21 th, which was normal until the 16th century. In China and other countries, dogs are on the menu up to ”Deute. The medical historian Dr, Martin Brammer stated that our reference to the term has changed: There are animals that we look at, to aa ms eezon Other animals, like the dog, live with humans and even replace people, Germans Schoolchildren go to school with no joy. Cinema belister as television «Frankfurter Tae» cooks for Schukkinder Germans esson 2u much Schwelnefeisch FRentnerin was for long-term visits in the cinema Mle Scholer already have Eostasyproblemert Verein wil Schalern get lunch KBiner schools About Ecstasy Professionals do not eat at home Text a aie aaa aI Gberschrif> "Reading Comprehension" Read the following article and answer the questions by ticking the correct answer (4.8 or C), "Rehtung: Die Rotnertisode The individual tasks do not always follow the success of the text Bel in this hands-on circus, are you the stars? Almost breathless with tension. Will Kristina do that? Quite dinn is the Sel that she walks on. The ‘Zehjitrige lifts her left foot very slowly and drags it. after von lund feel carefully for stop. Still a lot. Business, the spectators applaud enthusiastically, and thr papa calls out loudly: Bravo! ", Because Kristina only started dancing four days ago. Raemmi Deni" came along in his hometown of Leverkusen. The Itine group of the children with the most artful pieces of art. Above Kénren. To play with the boerdierdierdierdompteur 'or with the magician. Kristina' wanted to learn to dance straight away. “Other boys and girls have learned to juggle or have a daring sali mortal on the trampoline Big costumes put on and become clowns, now everyone is performing in a big circus performance that takes place at the end of the circus week. Nine-year-old Max is very excited when his Afri begins. Almost 500 people sit on their legs in a zikuszek and look up hn. Max has the hottest number this evening; he's a fire eater. He breathes in completely. Then he blows on a torch, and suddenly a heavy fire flares up e up. A couple of spectators scream in surprise. The Etem from Max See also look a bit scared. But Max waved inwardly, while the audience was still recovering from the nervous teasers, wild cats of prey are already jumping into the arena with loud circus music. "Brommi-Bir the trainer and his Bengal tigers," she exclaims. Ringmaster, Although the tigers look ‘wild, the audience laughs. You can do that inden. Black and yellow tiger costumes children ‘stick, they have painted their faces yellow. With black stripes as whiskers. Then the introduction is a bit sad, the children leave the. Ze, Morgen Witd Rimi Damn ”will move to another city and some of the children will be most lively with‘ the Zikus wagon. ‘But that is not possible. The hands-on circus has various offers for children aged 6 and 14. The circus week "takes four to five days. The children can learn great tricks and art ideas. If that takes too long, you can also take part in the fast-paced course from" Rammi Dimi ". This only lasts one day. The children" see each other. " Look, then learn the tricks for an hour and then do your own presentation. Readers coer: ©) Kesina ater ls 20h. [3] Kom auf dom Set tecen, [Cjstent aut one Bn. 8 Max [Bhat 800 people invited to the Zikus, (Bhat Zn ec rin tonight Fouerspioke. 17. After the presentation [Asin die Kinder trai, [many children drive away with the Zireus carts [Gann cor zrkus immediately to another Stat. 8 Boim Zikus .Rémmi Dammi * [Raden de arisen new pieces of art, [B] children can use artificial sticks lemon, there is Jaden evening a cicus dish. 9. Bel dor Tooenummer [The spectators embarrass themselves. {B) wide bongal tigers join in (Ghragen ce Tae Kostome. 10 children between 6 and 14 years [Almassen miss or fantasize for days e take a course. {Look between the offers [) you can otherwise see a show. Which display pass 2u which station? You can only use each ad once. (The ad from the description can be used again) It is also possible that there is no suitable ad. In this case, write 0 'Example: 01 Your girlfriend has a new motorcycle, you must now have a helmet and a leather jacket to shade. Advertisement: A (2 A friend has just finished school. Now he is looking for an apprenticeship as an 'auto mechanic. Advertisement: O' Situationon: 1st only friend would like to sell his old motorcycle in order to buy a new one with the money, 412. Two friends plan to go on a trip around the area from Friday to Sunday, they want to rent a motorcycle.419, They need more than an hour to work every day. Since the transport connections are so unfavorable, they want to buy a used motorcycle 14, Your Kallege bravcht a car. Since he can afford really expensive, he is looking for a cheap gobravcht wagon 48. Your brother will come soon, Almost all pre-celebs are settled, He is only looking for suitable wedding rings. 46, thre cousin for in a few weeks. But she has not yet approved a suitable Hochzetskeid. 47, You are going to be called soon. The Hochesitefeer should take place in the garden. You are now looking for a company that will take care of the food and drinks of you would like to go on vacation in summer, but you don't know where to put your parrot! ! let. 49, You recently moved to a house with a yard. Now you want to buy a dog that will treasure the house from Diebon. 20. The children of our neighbors win a cat. The parents agree, but do not want to spend a god buying a pet. (Smuoton] 11 | 12 | 19 | @ | 8 | 16 | 7 | 1 | 19 [2) [Display J - ‘PIAGGIO ® HONDA. @ / PASE Cctnatige New & Gebauchmetorrader Our service does not read you in the Sue {eext bol us eestent EU Plaggle Runner 125 'Oh sunday on IH Ube got (pr Bersurg keineriau) Max Mopedshop Haanner 56 Pde Berchtesgaden' re (08682) 82101, 2 ' Motorbike rental _zuginstigen Presen - km rel Special offer for weekend fans (Fri 4.00 pm to Mon 10.00 am) Tel 45699 Verkaulebedarf | Moule stig Unis nd | ‘Gabrnuchmetonder‘ Bareahlg solr Meiner & Co. o | "Tel 34.2394 ©) JThe successful setting for the happy day" in your life! Remantache Hochzeit Tanz ond Schwa in the gomblichen Perpachowne Geselichaton from 60 to 300 people can easily find Pata with us! lero alr Weld lnk Ferm KO 'Oat 27 (©) WEDDING in RolicRoyce,' with chauffeur in Champagne Diets 'Rols-Vermictung Trust our year-long ex death lit "in the grinen Feener siden' Sengelmannshof Sengelmannsweg 35 45219 Baen-kettig“ el979, (02019 Baen-kettig “el979 Please then give us the right room for your modhita. rte Fler 2u house our Pryce Tel. 9874092 45239 Exon will [Asst & Hands Bide ven Lcbing 'nt lnann ghee environment su, Fr Menerch, (089) 213454 Hunderschung ierach gu, lebor erflgrach, ® (089) 998654-0 2 cats (wt 5) looking for a common new 2a, Sa wl it ns Tel Wari looking for who ha ips? + (020285648, FAX: 285880 @ [Our knowledge rin Te ARCHE NOAH You wale en Woo 'atnesrgen un dos ousir gets? i provide tere above wetrend ese: Zt ARCHE NOAH, $ 070 Solburg. Alpensrate 14 © ieee gate vata dom anon Fo (24) sovrshnon, wel Pave ween enrnung sen nu sl hme on ang 2 p Language modules [Read the following text and tick off the necessary solution (A, B or C) for each lock a ‘Dear Lars, {01 I have to be home again for two weeks. ‘As you know, I was an au-pai-‘ girl in Lyon for 6 monsters. ‘At first I was | 247) sure if I like it there, my parents absolutely want me to fab, 22 I improve my knowledge of French. It took me about the 23rd month until I had determined the living conditions there. The family also understood poorly at first because everyone spoke so quickly, but | 25. Was it really good "I have to spend the day 28 °) Mother in the household 'and with the childcare elves. I can say that it was sometimes quite exhausting, with three small children 27". But above all,' Nicole, de Kleinste, "28 I often enjoyed myself. disgusted. From 17.00 Ubs onwards, I'll be off. With other Au-pait-Midchen, 29 "I got to know there - I sometimes went out in the evenings. That was often very funny, and I also got to know a few French people. But I crack that when we | 90. » see that now I will finish sms, EXAMPLE: (Geez twa 10 Minton) cai mam 'Language modules a4 read the text and write the correct letter (AP) in the table below' You can only use each word once. Not All values ​​fit into the text Language holidays in Germany Infensive course and mountain hiking in the Black Forest 2 or 3 Ween, 4 hours Untrtihtghch i 'Kieingruppen, including halopension in the hotel, Bergtepen and socokaturele Intomatonen, 4 E475.ashe be -Lanactem *' Slebergebsalee 21, 2096 Q Ta (0761) 96674 WARES Very | (0) Ladies and gentlemen, last week I read your ad in the newspaper. 1 "I am interested in a language course in Germany, I have some information about it, Teh leme 92 dre Jaen Deutsch and did the certificate test in May. Now I went on vacation to Germany 33 to learn 34 more German. Your advertisement says that the accommodation is in a hotel. But I'll be living with a German family for 95 _ and attending a course in the morning. It's 96 bilge, and I can speak German all day! Can you find a family for me, would you be 37, take me in for 3 weeks? 'As 1/98 I would like to know whether it is possible to get a confirmation at the end of the course, 98 so I could continue to study German at a language school in my home country and maybe also take the intermediate level test, you would be very grateful, if you will let me know soon Kéanten, and thank you Thnen right 40 for your efforts, with friendly greetings Bvebm Mirtsiow before 1) Lettes I) nichste. Fy gesivie Oda 1) better 6) oboe ji (0) heaton H) sure 1 sot 7) by p HBrversishen Gaatiumem - written expression if ‘you hear ft kuze Tex, you hen these texts only once. To do this, you have to enter the tasks. You have a rit before the new lady friend, in which you have ect. ve asked each issue ellen fetter: Did I hear that in the text or not? If so, marion Brotrncin would like to know about ven Atag. Right now you have cason Bret von bokensen ‘Se by the Hoven B = nctig, if nin, marry [= wrong LLe still read the exercises 41-45. You have 30 seconds to spend on @D 41. The speakers are always modern. 42. The speaker likes to wear fashionable clothing. 43, The speaker kedet himself as I gf. 44, Fashion is unimportant for the speakers, 45, The speaker spends more money or clothes. Live (e) [I was very happy about your letter I find it very interesting what | you are archithic to your family. You know, I definitely don't have a gate like you, I can't even imagine Carum, I know it when # 0 many people live in one house. But I think ¢ 6 wide I already got it. You tell SEE SEGRE ‘what you would otherwise do all day. Your previous conversation. To do this, read ten tasks. Read this text twice. Bel Schrely, please tell me in the next letter about what your everyday life looks like and every task should be answered soon: Do I or do I have that in the text? If a, markeen you would be macho in your free time at the first hen or afterwards [B) = ig, if not, markioren Si [= flsch Read ttc tasks Ne 46-55, you have daz ene Minuto Zat Many Sritean your Fame 48 , Akio gt near Bertin, aa Paniola 47. ip Anka all Elnwohner @ & 48 know each other, twice per week you can go to a youth club. @ a 48, The Anklam youth groups always meet at the Stade at the weekend, @ & '50. Conny Freund lives in another Dor | Mtvoren siete Bratroundn, ‘51. Conny doesn't like country life. {B) [El | sctrate sin tremendous bit twas u alin ver dots below before you strlen the blt, '52. Vil people think that ce ungen people in the country are not ntormie HE] EE | teerogon she sch die passence Reinentoige the points, ne matching Einleltung ed cron 158. Conny fat sometimes with vem moped to school. R) _ [E] | _habencen Sohtuss. Have you also correct the date and salutation '54, Conny has already fete Beutspine @ @ 28 Conan ham aa bento a @ Pare hceaeanoaaas' i rent Tn kaze texts, Siren clas texts swell, Daz should you tnt Autpaben We.) I ST With everyone The output should state: Did that in the text or not? If so, mark Se at the first hearing or afterwards [f = cig, if nen, mark Se (F = asc. Wie normalrweie th Wechenende verbnnge. '56. The train from Berin arrives with a delay of $ 0 minutes '57. Dr Herrmann has Office hours only in the afternoon, 158, You can go directly to American State flegon. 59, The Kurhats is located on the North Sea, (60. A case of beer takes out twenty bottles of a - 8 We'll see you in the evening. @ E282 i ”Mindliche Prifung |: Contact ( Zot: approx. 3 minutes) 'You would like to get to know your partners / inven partners and ask ifm a few questions. You should try to get as much information as possible. The following points can be given. 4. Name 2, where and How she lives (apartment, house, garden.) 13 Where she comes from 4. Siblings / Familo 5. Where he / she has spoken German 6. Whether she / he has already been to other countries 7. What is siferous at the moment (school, Studlum, occupation, hobbies, ..) Bo. De Proterin / The examiner can ask further questions Alin, Great 2: Talk about a topic (time approx. 6 minutes) Please look at the information on page 2 carefully and briefly report to your partner about it. le partner / hr partner has another piece of information on the same topic and also reports about it. AL! You should react to his / her questions so that the conversation arises. Free time 'Tell 8: Lose a task (time approx. 6 minutes) Your birthday is in June and you want to go to your garden. You have the task of saving your conversation with your conversation partner cle birthday party 2u plan, think about everything to do it and who is responsible for which tasks. You have already made a piece of paper with notes. Birthday party = When? * How many people will be cingo? fr bends * Muatkauawal dance * inform neighbors Minor test 14 Candidate A: Sheet 2 Free time For Germans, free time is something very important. Therefore, during the free time, we spend time with things inside, having fun inside, enjoying music, watching TV and reading the newspaper stand on the first stele, _ Fr elizaitvergnugen] in Germany ete ereemmncanginge: | Lagenedesped “LE type fe d [ot wanna tts ena] Assignment: Please tell your partner briefly what information you get here, then your partner nr partners report on related information. You also tell Solon about your personal experiences and your partner Fragonstaion. You should react to any questions you may have so that a conversation escapes. pp Minimum examination certificate German candidate B: Sheet 2 indice Prune leisure certificate German 45 Mouton German families spend vel money on their leisure time. There are holidays, camping and sports ‘Soereen _ made eee‘ on the external stele, for theater and cinema, the serving counter is so high. 'About 30 minutes as a ng netaen Pre con Pears' ats, re ass 'Expenditures for the free time Menatone Issue for Freetgue vn Nostra: Hausen St rite Erkan (@ adults, 2 children)' casa ranma ee meestde Peete vs eee fee ene sions a Sone ee a = Pr oe nro. Serene en oo oe Pim - ee pt 32.00 EUR 'Books, Zatungen, Zetschiten 27.20 EUR' Garden, Tatung 19.20 EUR Spite, Spitvaren 11.40 EUR “heater Kino 10.50 EUR ato, Fim 3.90 EUR Hemeren 'Autgabe: Please tell your partner briefly what information you get here. : ‘Then Inve Partner / the partner reports But their information,‘ You should also tell about your personal experiences and ask your partner questions to the partner. You should react to ize / his questions so that a conversation arises. 2 »(abet: eva 26 iaton 'rnan you the texts 1-5 oi matching overshoot AJ 2 ro text only fits an overshoot. This Tnngsporanm requires BESPIFL: (0) Oi Deutchen tenon Fuh een with dom Rhea SOLUTION: The Dberochrif paset 2 Text: he Kars wi in Kengrigpn von 'ugelen Kuster Vs hchacaln and Rrankekasen oe = thc nd et chr ieee | Das Rauchfret if se recter sn aterwem (sere J Seams Seven hung de program - S & aXisie wt wie ete and Sports in Megieser aller Spowverbing' Beulich, however, that 70,000 women and information 24 courses offered 'also others', and for training in Keser' talon Se Be Berlin tron ​​Sporaten rs: hin sate Zacks de ashing Doh wars waunanene, © “4 or esting se REE. Cen eee ETI fr Terapleprschuns, Te. 089) 3608040 Mecharikstevert So far, your Herkales - that's not how the robot thinks working in school yet Scher and Lebree! The students from Bremen ‘built a robot that can clean blackboards and windows. First 'A. In 10 weeks you will become non-smokers. New sports will win fans (© Football also for women D Robots clean the table in schools in Bremen E Schilers taught for days without a break F Slog for the women's football team Bracht G New drug helps smokers who live without Zgartten 2u HW Special sports programs for smokers 1 Never Robots can clean tables and windows German scholars in the Guinness Book of Records Fl in the srl teen, so it was only 2h? For 25 shears from the jot Cotecymmason Wf it is the problem: Zasammen ee | Teacher they set a new world record in the Daver, {serch aut 81 Stren lng hate ae une all four levels make se Pave 23 Lever take tense nd um de Urb: acne eos SE kite closer ne | Schl ch jeach ed tt fe Guinness book does not have to be ae text fea siaee (ecere | caren! cb 'Reitz otwa 38 ttn Read the following newspaper article and complete the tasks for it, by answering all correct' answers (A, or ©) zen, Caution: The order of the individual tasks does not always follow the order of the text. Healing clown doctor therapy Clinic clowns rely on the healing power of laughter ven ", wane jee al on those, un at, Sittin tre Pager Touanaertcemantren 'Stevauy south Gomdscerenacensen" adcentincenvebmnonen' cere so gene Non Nei tettnen ene bende Goweie west ca de tmerigie west dar pou rewronschonengeseh oor Ainge Senet eter fede Wore snr mason De mcrae AAs ere paver hy ede Ene se notes Seegpeeriene dene rant Detepemtaces vaan, eclnne nde eset $ 5 oteionien Herd Sche te 'stand in the hospital often on in fear and pressure {he clown a good venti, when the pressure is 2u high, says Dr Rosina as Sig Kamath Mena we are there, it is always clear in the center point “The clown doctors do not play food, they improvise. 'From a glass of water can be 'to become. It can be that we stole ot au fiche or aut sea monsters, of which we' gowns are afraid, de But not children. We then get ‘Gen Mut von der Kinder’, advises Dr. Schnicaachnack aos Het Kalaniloglu The children quickly understand that the cowndoltor in Ser Herarehie is still under hen, well we let us do, as 4s child le wl first Ue we do something together with lim and ae No patents beneft from the Hessian 'movement of the achers .ngt snd ce clown doctors 'and senses hileiches work solid inventory of our treatment. The association is enough to offer all services by reading donations for the sick, and the clowns to contact for the series work' welter, the clown doctors also find clown tables, free tables andemons as clowns, actors or comers on the stage between he became an association Vora fir many other 'lowndoktor-iatven und Kinde clowne-Verine in sanz Germany, page wisenachat- leh i proved that laughter is ce' rejection against Krenkheten, sehttzen dle Kine dle Cownesken Ceatze - also because you learned that cowndoctors and clinic clowns are not rare for children, but also for Ete and Phegelzften do well. In the meantime, clowns also worked intensely in Akeheimen and senior centers, cows in front of the association Die Clown, Dottoren with Stn As bbacen are now two children in the Rhelo-Mah area and eat no more. wit pantom ‘me, puppet play, musk or with‘ Suiketests, Setfenbasertherape Lund Erobeerespzza aut recipe ‘er clever arte” ‘de children to laugh. The longer Kine have to stay in Kearikenaus, the more longing for 2% reading errors EXAMPLE: (©) Mark and Andreas [Bletinen a Tor dos Krakenaimmars. [There are two shearers [Glinsen the clown game not always 16. Before you visit the Clomn doctors if you want to see children, {If you look at their initial state [Blaben si neve Glonn-Nummam for eds ozone child. non sie sch von der Azten one Evi 77. When children lay in the hospital, [B) they have pain, fear and long waves come over Eker, siblings and friends 2u visit, [Cl they are examined, operated and treated every day. 8 At least twice a week [Bliacen oe Ciown doctors a sick children. [B) The clown doctors visit sick children in the hospital. are sick apprentices in the Krarkenzinmer. 2. Preno, the clown de Zits Krone, [Bl bosuentkrarke children all over Germany, [lta of to Mancten. la that Lacon za be healthy. '8, By playing with the clown doctors [Blwarden oe children healthy [B) ee Ker realize that they are healthy and Jenken cle children ret dan that they are hank. Read all 10 situtionon (Nc. 11-20) and then the 12 An-Eigen (AL) Which display fits which situation? You can only use each display once. (You can use the display from the example again) It is also possible that there is no suitable display glo. In the iosom case, write 0 Examples: 01 You have vee old books that you no longer need. Most lively you will sell this ad: F (02 Your Found has collected a lot of German teletone cards, deer swapping for foreign 'mace. Anasige: 0 “Situations: 11, The 17-year-old son Inre's neighbor wants to improve his knowledge of English, Deshab wins a win Briefeunain Abroad, 12, nr 30-year-old brother has long been avenging the separation from his girlfriend, He would like to help and is looking for a suitable wife. 19, Your 2-year-old sister would like to get to know a man, with whom she in her free time 14, your 19-year-old cousin can take me on a trip to Greece. But she doesn't want to go there alone. 18, You want to spend the summer with your family in Portugal. So you're looking for a suitable offer 16, Ihe Son, who was a student in France, was at home during the holidays. Now you are looking for a cheap flight for him back to France, 17. Your daughter would like to go to Berin with one class cheap flight. 18. Unfortunately, your friends do not have a vacation in the Sonmer and went on vacation to send their techtr alin. 418, You are enthusiastic ate ​​Asterix & Obolix Hatt 20, You have a collection of stamps from all over the world from your grandfather. Since you are not for those interested in stamps, you want to sell them. ”4 ©] Look for stamps = 'against immediate cash payment in any amount . Especially Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the rest of Europe as well as large catfish collections. yon Swobods, Mollerwies 17, 8600 Grefensce Telephone (01) 9402408, Fax (0119402800 '© Bea 2. te vaca Iden mimi Aug ae, Kea oe Rots Neen? Neiva Hobbs sine Tarzen, Bu nd Reisen. SchreitPostiagernd, answer Sonne, 2887 Mititaim Tae | © Apert A © nti oe we bc Crosepinle be ia oo te Tel. (0202) 648 1456 the children's home .Mariahi 2ugute. Contact ee eee oe, amines remmeeanocnceniaten | Olgas (aioe) doesn’t know us yet. The agency fr Say 'Young and old Let our service offer you free of charge. It's worth it! Free flight offers for Germany' Ameria, Asem and Af, 1 (088) 904688 Unienfldge ins Auslond do not have to be 28, Frid insive Stuer Bomboy 8 193 Sigapore 87 208, Hols ron wehigen i 'Sy 73' Aucdond 960; ZW Flt Fogvrmitiong OW Elena 13, 63739 Anchafenbug '(0190/5258 29, ffeetertt_ | _ta_ | so {se | as [te [7 | te | = Jct tate wating vee breen us fee eee: | C [ERBER GmbH ees ress Covieserowtaxe | ee de Sea fem 8.14, down, ee ieee palabra Real, looking for net, natrise woman up to 82 en likes good conversation, retn, sailing, swimming, cinema. If you know how to spend your free time together, including: Tel: (0172) 5027463 from 2-30 Un, on weekdays also during the day eh reve mi, whom iu i meas © 12 (i) ete Sania and tea ie Poet 'Als, who see mi? My hobby: drawing, writing stories, ese, remdspracen, singing and praying. It sehsn wean you are about my age ‘and send me in fat west. Sandra Maurer, Fridlinne 7, D-1257 Berlin% “Phone: 042189747 Bie 050 EUR Rackpono bilgen dusensehms Norte, No. 3, 13351 Ber, Tes (03) 451991 12 (230 minutes from the Zeniumn Tam Jusencsistehas mt mecemer and saerer Amoepire. We help nen bel der roganmsesatins nd -curettung: Stactrunctvten -Besictgungen ~ Tester ~ Concerts ~ Diko ~ Austen des Union 7 pe Sprachbsusieine | Read the following text and tick the right word (A, 8 or C) for jode Licke (0 point , EXAMPLE: live nretaameasanas nnn | ale memories, because we haven't given birth for a long time in 22 years! And I'm sure you wander around too, I've been writing for such a long time! 21. (above 28. [ling 'As a chemical class representative of the 10e do [Blaut [Bltange ith dich um Kinsenefe cinladen, that I ican organize together with Horst Karaich already at the beginning of 22 ahs, It was not easy ale i [Elm eer ieee | = 2s '24. Especially with many girls who are 25 ae ante and helen differently now, hates 28 [qlsen (olmussten sedan, as we initially thought, Horst and I made a lot of phone calls 27 until we were all 23, [A} des ce Adresenbiten, Blac So now we are far. We want us | 26 April 25th at 5 p.m. Ur tefen. It's a Saturday, ‘and we're open, that everyone is coming Kéint. As a meeting point, we wanted the restaurant, Seeige! * Eus- eus-, That is known from earlier times, and ‘You can also eat something there, It would be great when so many | 907 possible coming from our old class. We look forward to a reunion! Lots of dear Gre ein Felis% 'Read the following text and write the ichligan letter AP) in de Table unin' You only know to use each word once, Not all words match in don Tax We are looking for a young woman or a young man, Ailder takes care of our two children two afternoons a week. Good pay, the Korbmacher family, Teichst. 61, 45127 Essen {gechrte family Korbmacher,. My name | $ 1. Michaela Jakobs, and I am 15 years old. I write tones because I've read an offer in the newspaper and especially children like 92. I really want to. On two afternoons there are more children 33. In addition, there is a good opportunity for me to supplement with my pocket money. Since I have little cousins ​​in my relatives, I know how to deal with children. How old are your children and should I hang out with them on these two afternoons? As long as I just go to the hayloft or go out for a bit with you 96 (or 30? Do I have to worry about having them dinner, or 87) You gotta be back for dinner? {Eh have Still 98 babysitting at femden families. Therefore I don't know, "987" much is earned from it. But this will certainly be 40. Problem. Teh will be happy if you will answer me and hope that we will soon get acquainted with it. 'Yours sincerely, Count Michaela Jakobs 5) should Jeet My after Aw 3 like N) to watch out for Gin 9 ©) be Hy ​​not a Diet ») like EO ap Hérversiehen Sis fre font short Tox See this cake only olomal Oazu Si finf Avigaben Ibsen. Stollen in every task ealian Sl: Did I hear that in the text or not? If yes, march while listening [= emg, if not, marweren (F] = f sharp). Read ott -verst oie tasks 47-48 , You have In addition, 80 seconds Zet 41, the speaker spends his vacation with friends, 42. The speakers spend the vacation together with inven pus. 43, The speaker can do whatever he wants during his vacation ‘44, The speaker has spent four years vacation in America 48. De Sprecnenn macnt vacation with rer Cbgue. SEaae ARES ‘You now hear a talk. To do this, you should do ten tasks ison. You héron diosen Tact two times. In response to the task you should state: Have I heard this in the text or not? If so, mark when you first hear it or then [= correct, if not, mark. Read ett exercise no. 46-5. Sio have a minute of Zot 48, Donatelial lives in Nonchen, 47, Donateta doesn’t need a lot of shit 48, Donatella makes ale Kleder himself. 49, All ideas for Donatlla’s clothes come from the music scene. £ 50. Donatala is rich. {51 Donatella thinks that success is a gift. '52. For Donatella, a fashion show is like a profung at school 53, Donatella's mother wanted her daughter to be independent in '54, Donatela's children should be something special. 5, Donatella's husband doesn't like going to parties. SEEES2Se9e) BG) ‘You are now highlighting short texts. You will hear these texts twice. For this purpose, you should give the tasks of loose bot every task should be stolon: Did I hear that in the text or correct? If yes, mark Se bem first Hien or danaen [8] = ri, if not, mark [F) 56. Someone has forgotten black sports ash. ‘7. The train to Bern ponktich abandoned. {58 Hiking rucksacks, hiking boots for men and sleeping beadings are available at special prices for £ 58. The cycling route is 10 km long. 60. There are no meals in the mornings. The written expression was during the holidays in a youth camo, your parents wandered on a scarf, from Japan they setvelben the following Bret Lebe (e) {yesterday we arrived in Toklo. The flight here was very exhausting, because we had been pitted for hours at the airport. The Japanese are very well-rounded and hifi. Tomorrow we have our most important appointment, I hope everything will go well! In the next two weeks we will have a bite to eat in town and also buy a couple of sowenirs. Do you want us to bring you a kimono? How do you like it in the youth camp? What do you do all day? You've already met a lot of new people. Let me hear from you soon, Klisschen Pape and Mami “Answer then Etern‘ In rem Bre, write something 2u all four points below. Before you write the letter, consider the appropriate order of the items, an appropriate introduction, and a probe ending. Also don't forget the date and salutation. | What you got to know there ‘What you do with your friends. ‘How do you like the food there‘ How you got it there and why. bp Minimum exam Indian exam al sheet 1 Candidate A: Sheet 2 ‘Part 1: Establishing contact Qoit: approx. 3 minutes) | Sport ‘You would like to get to know your partner better and ask a few questions. ‘You should try to get as much information as possible. The following points' Vole adults in Geuischiana are spurs, if they want to know something, 4. Name = 2. Where and how he / she lives (apartment, house, garden ...) 13. Where he / she comes from 4. Sibling family 5, Where s / he has learned German 8, Whether s / he has already been to other countries 7. What s / he is doing at the moment (school, studies, job, hobbies, ...) 8. 'The professor can have more questions stalin. Tell 2: Talk about a topic of sport (time: approx. 6 minutes) Please look carefully at the information on page 2 and report to Iver Patnrin / rem Partner briefly about thee Parnern by Partner has other information on the same topic and Then you should also tell about your personal experiences and ask Inver partner / lvem partner questions: 'You should respond to free questions so that a conversation arises. Part 3: Reading an issue (time: approx. 6 minutes) ‘There is a Welnnight Bazaar at the school.You have the task of organizing the bazaar 2u together with your interlocutor. Think about what to do with it and who is responsible for what tasks. You have already made a slip of paper with notes on it. Christmas bacar = when? + Space? (Hall, courtyard) + what will be 8olverkauty? + What should the money be used for? * Whichemualkorganslren + Who borer what? Issue: + posters Please mount free Parnerin hve Partner briefly, what information you can get here *. Thereafter, re partners / ne Parner reported Uber inrelsaine information. # So even from personal experiences you should respond to your partner and iver partner, you should react to his / her questions so that a conversation arises. 2 3 p2 Minimum exam cp candidate B: Sheet 2 Sport Many young people in Germany do spon, because they want to be in good shape with other young people to get. Lbanach berentetinre Parinen / hv Parner But ca / ​​its information. ‘You should also tell about personal experiences and ask questions about your partner. Auth his / her questions should you react so that a conversation arises. “Certificate German | Reading comprehension and ‘language module 90 minutes bn hg aseentnn - | certiikat German prominence {hsGprstsuene soon S | about 30 minutes aoe en sn Poneget Renee SSeraen orn Prtgatt | Tota ean Seo oe ‘Leewemten a one | Alaa. Fagin Sea bo wt imerese 3 Winer | Ale tbe nc Tet Siowendneteatae | eh? Vien maken Se Fes are a ae seria, Certificate in German Very English expression 30 minutes Praga Lakes Certificate in German ‘Mondtiche Protung 15 Minton beef Pee See acre. re Fa oe In 2epecan Sem ee 'rena So Neen das sean Sade dpi SomPue evmp De minders Pking suet Arrange the EXAMPLE: (0) Congress of the Welhnachtmen SOLUTION: The heading matches Tax 4' Numbergs Mirkte have tradition, which is the greatest History of the city and numerous privileges is based. The most important and most decent market ~ and the most beautiful one ~ is actually the Christiankindlesmarkt. The sales booths are already being built up at the beginning of December. In a contemplative Christmas atmosphere, visitors can enjoy mulled wine and gingerbread or buy gifts for friends and relatives. Bie Ev fF xperimenierreude and. (The Hefeastedt Hamburg gives 3 children a special Christmas joy: on inf festively decorated ships on the Binnenalser, they are offered a lot of entertainment. There is a 'theater ship with a tipich changing program, two bakery ships, on which everyone makes their own Christmas sparrows like family blunches The topic of this course is, Arguing wi 20 ui n the schemes ance S66 fexton 1-5 dle matching Oberéchrit AJ, per text only fits one head chabot: eta 20 Winton) October 20 fermen a course ”. The course starts with interests, if you should be able to dry or nee oma per eres pee 610308, a café-steam, 90 Sgund Alr'sch be kaf and Kocten fuaren Kane, and a dump ship. Cohisen are presented here. On the ‘weekend uniaen Muses Ain Ud Foerspecker ir PIS‘ Ro December ch from until 18 Ur ene e- zo% mcoe>