How to do a guiche piercing

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Guiche piercing

This piercing has its origin in the South Pacific and was used for traditional rites. When guiche, the seam (raphe) between anus and scrotum is pierced. The jewelry attached in the perineal area has a stimulating effect on the wearer. A ring is placed horizontally for this purpose. However, several rings can be placed one behind the other, which is then called the guiche ladder. During the healing period, cycling and horse riding are not recommended, as this can lead to irritation and pain, which can hinder uncomplicated healing.

Risks: Healing is sometimes a bit difficult due to the high stress in this region. (Friction, sweat, etc.). There is a possibility of the jewelry growing out. An increased risk of infection by E. coli bacteria. (For general risks, see the section worth knowing.)

Jewelry - initial use: Rings made of titanium or gold 18ct.

Healing times: approx. 4 months

maintenance: You do without SSS (solarium, sauna, swimming pool) for the first 14 days. Please do not take a full bath either. Avoid sexual contact and the exchange of body fluids during the healing phase to avoid the risk of infection.

Please care as follows: Spray the piercing twice a day with PRONTOLIND spray and let it work for about 1 minute, now you can remove impurities with a gauze compress or a cotton swab. Please do not use shower gel.

The piercing jewelry for cleaning Not take it out of the branch duct.

After 14 days you come to the studio for a check-up appointment.