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Withhold your own number on the iPhone and call anonymously

Halyna Kubiv, Kris Wallburg

Whether a call to an authority or a casual acquaintance, you don't have to reveal your phone number immediately.

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A table order at a restaurant, a call to the authority or the service provider - the reasons for suppressing your telephone number can be different. On an iPhone, the SIM card number is hidden in two ways: Using a GSM code for each individual call and using a system setting that permanently sets this anonymization.

Permanently suppress phone number

The simplest method of suppressing your own phone number is via the "Send my caller ID" setting. This option can be found under "Settings -> Phone -> Send my caller ID". If the controller is deactivated, all your calls will be made anonymously.

Withheld number for advertising calls

What you are allowed to do privately, of course, even if it is not nice in some cases, is commercially prohibited. Advertising calls are only legal if you have given your consent beforehand - and which the caller with a legitimate business interest can also prove in case of doubt. Calling with a suppressed phone number is illegal in any case. In such cases, the Federal Network Agency can impose fines of up to EUR 300,000.

However, we would advise against this permanent setting, because it is possible that you unconsciously lock yourself out of conversations with friends and relatives. Because since iOS 13 Apple has implemented a new setting against such anonymous calls. This is located just under the setting for anonymous calls and can ensure that all incoming calls from an anonymous number are immediately forwarded to Voicemail. The caller notices very little of this: after a ringing tone, a telephone voice is heard indicating that the number is currently unavailable and with a suggestion to leave the message on the answering machine. The called smartphone does not ring or vibrate. A note on Voicemail only appears a short time later.

Withhold number once

The method with the GSM code is a bit more complicated, but we would rather recommend it than a permanent change to the anonymous phone number. In this way, you can specifically suppress the number for individual calls. Before calling you just have to add the code "31". As with every GSM code, the hash key must follow before and after. In the phone app, such an entry would look like this:

The person contacted at 012345678 will receive a call saying "Anonymous". The next time you call without entering the GSM code, your phone number will be displayed as normal.