Can I have some career advice, please?

The Wise Men’s Advice: What to Do if you are not in the mood for a career?

"The Council of Wise Men" of is a group of top-class HR and career experts who regularly provide tips on Application, salary and career give. Our sage Bernd Slaghuis * has to clarify a delicate question for some contemporaries in this episode:

"Mr. Slaghuis, I have absolutely no desire for a career. Am I normal?"

"I experience many employees in career counseling who no longer want the classic higher-faster-further career and whose goal is not to climb the career ladder as quickly as possible or to adorn themselves with good-sounding job titles and status symbols. The image of a socially recognized career, defined exclusively by hierarchical advancement, is threatened with extinction - and I think that is a good thing. I define career as a professional development that fits a person's personal values ​​and goals. This is a very individual point of view, with which career becomes a personal matter of opinion. A young family man may be happy when he can simply do his usual job well, get on really well with colleagues and have enough time for the family in addition to his job. A promotion at this point might overwhelm him. For a young professional from university, it may be important to quickly increase the starting salary by taking on more responsibility and advancement. In our personal, current life situation, something different is important to each of us at work - and also in life. So the crucial question is: What is important to you today and in the years to come so that you are satisfied in your job, you feel well and you stay healthy?

"You are the boss of your life!"

So if you are not in the mood for a career in the sense of advancement, then something else is currently important to you - and it may be. Who defines what success in the job means? Is it about proving something to other people around you, for example to correspond to your parents, your partner or friends and some supposedly socially recognized image? Is it important to please others? There is a great risk that you will forget yourself in the process. You are the boss of your life! Find out what matters to you today, what your goals are for the next few years, and work on them. As an employee, you also have many opportunities to change something and to influence "your" professional development. You're allowed to decline a promotion or even take a step back on the corporate ladder if it's good for you. You can look for new challenges, get actively involved in projects or special tasks and hold your boss responsible when it comes to employee development and appreciative leadership. And if you are of the opinion that it no longer fits, then you can change jobs and look specifically for positions and companies where everything that is important to you in your job and in life today is fulfilled again. Totally normal, right? " P.S. Bernd Slaghuis also devoted himself to the topic of "career fatigue" in his XING Insider column. *The wise: Career and business coach Dr. Bernd Slaghuis ( is an expert in professional reorientation, application and healthy leadership. As a board assistant and former manager, he comes from the field. The systemic coach and doctorate in economics stands for a new understanding of career. Since 2011 he has been working in his Cologne office with employees and executives on their next steps in their career and with applicants on their individual application strategy. His blog “Change of Perspective” is one of the most widely read career blogs in Germany. He is a XING industry insider, columnist and guest author for various career and management magazines. Slaghuis holds lectures throughout Germany, moderates workshops and gives seminars.

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