How do I start a community center

At the old village school 1, 51570 Windeck-Öttershagen

To the building

The community center was established in 1997. It has an easily usable spatial structure on the ground floor with the expandability of the church space. The youth area is in the basement. The windows in the church were designed by Rev. Werner Erdmann. Likewise a sculpture in the foyer.

Planned facade renovation

The facade was executed as a plastered pane. Serious plaster damage is visible on the mainly south and south-west facing facade. There are various reasons for the visible damage. Essentially, however, the inadequate crack control, i.e. missing or inadequate reinforcement mesh, is decisive. The most obvious damage can be seen at material transitions in the subsurface. Cracks then enlarged as a result of the effects of frost and plaster flaked off. Other reasons can be seen in the incorrect component connections and terminations.

In autumn 2020, the presbytery commissioned the architects ahrens & eggemann to renovate the facade using clinker brick slips. The existing facade must first of all be freed of dirt and loose plastered parts. Only then can a full-surface reinforcement and the concealed plaster be applied to the existing plaster facade. In order to adapt the inventory to the new system, so-called composite work must be carried out. This also includes work that has to be carried out anyway due to the existing damage. After dividing the visible heights at the corners of the wall, the angles at the outer corners are processed using the floating buttering method. "Floating" describes the application of the adhesive with a notched trowel in the middle bed. The clinker brick slips are then pressed into the adhesive bed. After the clinker brick slips have been processed, grouting can be started after an appropriate waiting time. All rough, patinated and structured surfaces are grouted conventionally with joint irons and joint plates.

After completing the measure, the building could look like this: