Slow drivers are less skilled and incompetent

I'm awarding a star because zero is unfortunately not possible. I'm going to venture here now. So, not to mention the fact that you simply do bad, unreliable and incompetent work nationally, I find your cars and your delivery people an impertinence To the cars: scrapped, definitely not TÜV-certified cars that do not guarantee safety to the driver or other road users. To the deliverers: in my experience, some poor people who you exploit, who break their feet, sometimes not your language I have had so many negative experiences with you over the years. Your shipment tracking is the most unreliable of all. The way you stow, transport and deliver our parcels is the very last. Your customer service is so incompetent and unfriendly. And your deliverers steal goods from my parcels, tear everything open, stick it with scotch tape and deliver it to me when you have fished out the beautiful branded clothes for a lot of money. This is not an assertion, it happens that way. Your deliverers forge my signature, forge the proof of delivery, forge the data in their devices and the data in the tracking system. They allegedly deliver packages that did not arrive, do not leave a note in the mailbox and take them Bring things home or anywhere else. Everything happens that way. And who's in trouble? I have to make a phone call, explain everything, face skeptical phone calls because I could only tell, cheat and take anything. You cost me time, money and nerves. I hope that you will lose the cooperation with the big mail order companies and you have to shut up. Because what you do there is the last filth. Report after forgery of documents is filed, is enough slowly.