Can 1 mosquito kill someone

FAQ: What you should know about mosquitoes

Why do mosquitoes bite?

Only the female mosquitoes bite. They need a certain protein that is in our blood to make eggs after fertilization.

Why are some people more likely to be stung than others?

Mosquitoes like smells like ammonia, uric or lactic acid. They occur when you sweat and the sweat is broken down on the skin. It is different for everyone and therefore some attract mosquitoes more than others. The air we breathe also plays a role, because mosquitoes find people primarily through the carbon dioxide they exhale. The more CO2 someone exhales, the more likely they are to be stung. This is also the reason that pregnant women are stung more often, because they breathe for two and can thus be found more easily by the animals.

Do mosquitoes transmit diseases?

In principle it is possible. However, the domestic mosquitoes usually do not transmit any diseases. However, the Robert Koch Institute expects that the West Nile virus could spread via local mosquitoes in the coming years. Again and again there are fears that exotic species of mosquito such as the Asian tiger mosquito could spread to us and bring in diseases such as the dangerous Zika or dengue virus. So far, the Federal Environment Agency has only assumed a low risk, since "the number of virus carriers is low and the occurrence is limited". However, the office points out that the spread of the tiger mosquito - especially in southern Germany - is increasing and that it should therefore be classified as a "potential health risk".

Why do mosquito bites itch?

With the bite of the mosquito, a locally anesthetic and anti-coagulant secretion gets into the wound. The body does not put up with this without a fight and releases the messenger substance histamine. This has a vasodilating effect and also allows fluid to escape into the tissue. This creates the local swelling and itching. Sometimes inflammation can result, and some people are also allergic to the sting.

What to do if you've been bitten by a mosquito

Cool, if necessary, apply a cooling ointment that contains an antihistamine that suppresses allergic reactions. Under no circumstances scratch it, otherwise bacteria will be rubbed in and an infection may occur. Anyone who is severely allergic to mosquito bites should always have an emergency kit with them and seek medical treatment.

How can you avoid mosquito bites?

Wear long-sleeved clothing and rub or spray insect repellent on exposed skin areas. Fragrance lamps don't really help. It is better to protect the skin directly. Mosquito nets also help to keep the pests away.