What actually happens at Burning Man

Anyone who comes to Burning Man in the Nevada desert becomes part of a diverse and unusual temporary community - organized and created by the festival visitors. Every Burning Man Festival is only as good and extraordinary as the participants themselves. Artists, dreamers, musicians and all that one Time out from everyday life looking, come here and come back home as new people. Is that correct? How did the festival come about, what can you expect as a visitor and how do you get the coveted tickets for Burning Man? You can find answers to all the important questions here.

The Burning Man Festival 2018

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What is Burning Man anyway?

The year is 1986 - organizer Larry Harvey is lovesick. To distract himself, he builds a two and a half meter high wooden man and burns it down with friends at the summer solstice. The Burning Man Festival is born. 32 years and many, many burning men later, around 70,000 people flock to the desert every year.

... living out your own self, finding yourself and looking for your own happiness.

Larry's ideals are still valid today - he wrote 10 guidelines, each of which promotes the living out of oneself, self-discovery and, above all, the search for one's own happiness, but also the experience of sharing all the moments of happiness found with others. Art, self-expression, freedom and party - there are no borders. Anything that does not harm the other festival visitors is allowed. Families with children By the way, are just as invited as all other people who want to have a good time. By the way, children under the age of 12 do not need a ticket for the festival.

A week in the Nevada desert

The Burning Man Festival is not a day event, but a multi-day happening. A whole tent city is being built here, including imaginative art installations, tents, yurts and campers.

The burning man

The highlight of the festival is the burning of a giant human figure on the sixth day of the festival.

The city, laid out in a semicircle, is organized in individual blocks of flats, which are divided by streets with imaginative names such as Illusion, Hanky ​​Pank or Laffing Sal. Cars are not allowed to drive in the city; instead, festival visitors cycle through the rows of tents on their bikes Center of the city, the "Best Place on Earth". You cook either in front of your own tent, in your own camper or in communal kitchens. However, there are also some restaurants, bars and coffee shops, the Pancake Playhouse and many other small snack bars in the tent city.

Sanitary facilities can of course also be found, but there are not enough showers everywhere, and those who do not arrive in their own camper usually have to be satisfied with Dixi toilets. Festival vibes arise. The Burning Man is different - the time standing in line in front of the toilets is a pleasure to pass while bowling on the specially constructed lane. On the official website of the festival it says: "Burning Man isn't your usual festival. It's a city wherein almost everything that happens is created entirely by its citizens, who are active participants in the experience.

Similar to the Tomorrowlandor the German offshootParookaville The same applies to Burning Man: The time here is only as good as you design it yourself. Those who do not prepare properly for the days in the desert, the sandstorms, the sun and the heat will quickly reach their physical limits. On the website of the organizers there are extremely good and helpful tips for your time in Black Rock City. Anyone who is well informed in advance, observes important information about water reserves, life in the tent village and general togetherness, will be here guaranteed to have an incredible time. Everyone has to find out for themselves whether a trip here actually changes their own life. It is definitely possible.

Burning Man on Instagram

As you can probably imagine, such a dazzling and crazy festival always attracts numerous photographers and Instagramers who share their experiences in the dream world of Nevada with us. The craziest impressions from the last few years I have collected for you:

How to get tickets for the Burning Man Festival

Every year from late August to early September, the Black Rock Desert is transformed into the temporary city Black Rock City. Around 70,000 participants flock to the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert between August 26th and September 3rd, 2018.

Burning Man 2019

The Burning Man Festival always ends on the first Monday in September. The Burning Man Festival 2019 will take place from August 25th to September 2nd.

The cards typically cost between $ 425 and $ 1200, depending on which sale you choose. In contrast to the usual ticket sales, tickets for the Burning Man Festival are not always more expensive, in fact they are actually cheaper. Who is for the January pre-sale has the chance to win four $ 990 tickets and four $ 1200 tickets per person. In March there will be the opportunity to apply for tickets priced at $ 425. The organizers have a great offer for those with a low income: they have their own Low Income Ticket, which allows low-income participants to join for $ 190. You can apply for the approximately 4,000 tickets available from February to April. The last chance for tickets for the Burning Man Festival you have it shortly before the event at the end of July / beginning of August each year. Then the OMG SALE will take place, where you can get hold of 2,000 tickets for $ 425 again.

If you would like to visit the Burning Man Festival 2019, you can apply for the tickets from January next year by answering a few questions about the event.

Is the festival on your bucket list?

Now I'm curious: Who of you has already been to the Burning Man Festival or really wants to go there? I can imagine that a visit to Burning Man can be combined well with a Nevada and California road trip. I have put together the perfect route for you in my travel magazine and in my flight search you will find the right flights to the west coast of the USA.

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