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Service plans

ProCare Prevent
To support your preventive maintenance and compliance reporting - We guide you through the annual proactive review and calibration of your Stryker devices. So you can always rely on your technical equipment.

ProCare Protect
The all-round service solution: In addition to our support for preventive maintenance measures, you also receive comprehensive risk coverage to protect your investment.

When the need for repairs arises, prioritizing service helps make life easier and more productive for your medical technicians and employees. An unlimited number of repairs including spare parts, labor and travel costs, and better operating cost management. You know the exact costs for your technical equipment over the entire contract period and save money and time on repair permits.


Why ProCare?

Reliable partner
Nobody is more qualified than us when it comes to maintaining and repairing your technical equipment. Carefully selected and trained ProCare technicians have operational insider knowledge as well as tools and components for the maintenance of your technical equipment and ensure that it works according to our standards. We know our products and the people who rely on them every day. Together we support preventive maintenance measures and solve problems immediately - with options ranging from annual maintenance inspections to unlimited repairs.

Minimal response time
The real value of ProCare lies not only in the execution of device servicing and repairs by our employees, but also in the time saved and the avoidance of annoying trouble. Every moment without working technical equipment is a loss for your employees and patients.

If a problem arises, we'll fix it as quickly as possible, making sure you get exactly what you need. Time is a decisive factor, which is why you will immediately receive a contact person from us with the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience.

Crucial results
We ensure that your technical equipment works perfectly at all times. With annual preventive maintenance measures and express service for urgent repairs, we make everyday work easier and more productive for you and your medical technicians.

A service plan can also reduce the downtime of your equipment, which can help you save money. Comprehensive service options also help to better assess and control the operating costs for equipment and contract periods.



The Stryker training program offers you support in the maintenance and operation of our products. Certified technicians from Stryker give recommendations for preventive maintenance and familiarize your employees with the product systems.

You can now complete your registration very intuitively online here: Online registration

The list price per participant and training day in 2020 is € 475 (plus VAT).

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact our technical support, [email protected], Mr. Marcel Kressmann, Tel. 02065 837-538.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our training courses.