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Episode 8: What is a "ligature"?

A ligature is generally understood to mean the merging of two or more letters into a written unit. Most ligatures were created for reasons of simplicity, in order to speed up the writing of a font, or they were developed for optical reasons. They appear in almost all scriptures and have a different status in some of them. You can find more about ligature in our glossary.

The following is an example of an inscription with a typical ligature from the Protestant collegiate church in St. Goar in the Rhein-Hunsrück district:


Inscription, written in two lines at a height of about 220 cm on the inside of the south wall of the ground-level chapel (former baptistery) of the southern choir tower. So far neglected inscription executed in black paint, faded and difficult to read.

Dimensions: Bu. 2.5 cm.

Font (s): Gothic script.

Thomas G. Tempel (ADW) [1/1]

  1. Ite foras [......] i no (n) est vester locus y [ste] / Sed sta [b .....] Yci [..] su [..] a [...] ris [.....]


Go out, you (...), this is not your place (...).

Meter: Distich.


Citation reference:
DI 60, Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis I, No. 133 (Eberhard J. Nikitsch), in: www.inschriften.net, urn: nbn: de: 0238-di060mz08k0013308